High Stability SMD / LED Soldering Machine SMT Chip Mounter RT-1

High Stability SMD / LED Soldering Machine SMT Chip Mounter RT-1

High Stability SMD / LED Soldering Machine SMT Chip Mounter RT-1
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Product Details

PCB SMT equipment ETON RT-1 SMT pick and place machine SMD chip mounter price



1. Fast speed. 10 heads, with magnetic levitation, running faster

2. High precision. 2 sets of imported cameras, high CCD resolution, 0.01MM

3. Less energy consumption. Power is only 4kw

Technical parameter: 

Max Placement Rate


Max Tape Feeder Capacity


PCB Length Width

Max:400*350mm Min:50*50mm

Component Range

Smallest Size 0402

Max Height 22mm







Total Weight


Main process of SMT Line for DOB manufacturing

Step one: Print Solder paste on PCB

Step two: Mounting LED chip and capacitor big components on PCB.

Step three: Heating solder paste with PCB to welding together the component with PCB.


Different type of DOB PCBA

The PCBA of Linear bulbs

RT-1 SMT line not only suitable for DOB and bulb, but also suitable for many other products.

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