High Speed Mounter Calibration Automatically

Magnetic levitation high speed mounter for unlimited length flexible strip(no wire),capacity reach 200000CPH
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Product Details

1.product details

Magnetic levitation high speed mounter for unlimited length flexible strip(no wire),capacity reach 200000CPH.

Components of this high speed mounter ht-t9 can mount include  LED3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor,capacitors,bridge rectifiers,etc. High speed mounter ht-t9 is applies to 5m,50m or any length of flexible strip and roll to roll;RGB.



Applicable to the product

2. high speed mounter ht-t9 technical parameter


3.product parts

² Saline shaft from korea

² Mark camera from HK vision

² Grating scale from Renishaw,UK

² Guideway from IKO Japan

² Pneumatic components from SMC Japan

² Sensor from Beckhoff Germany

² Drag chain from IGUS Germany


4.high speed mounter ht-t9 trade terms

Accepted delivery terms


Accepted payment currency


Accepted payment type

L/C, T/T

Nearest port


5.trade show


Since the establishment of the company, we have participated in many trade exhibitions at home and abroad, including Guangzhou Guangya exhibition, Turkey lighting exhibition, India lighting exhibition, Pakistan exhibition, India nepcon exhibition, Thailand exhibition, etc.We add a large number of foreign clients every year.

6.company profile



7.Knowledge of mounter industry

Head sensor for mounting machine

 Sensors can perform component electrical performance checks, they are like the eyes of the placement machine, always monitor the normal operation of the machine. The more sensors are used, the higher the intelligence level of multifunction placement machine is

1)  Pressure sensor: in the multi-function placement machine, including the coupling cylinder and the vacuum generator, all have certain requirements for the air pressure. When the pressure is lower than the required pressure of the equipment, the machine can not operate normally. The pressure sensor always monitors the pressure change.

2)  position sensor: the transmission positioning of the printed board, including the counting of the PCB, the real-time detection of the motion of the patch head and the worktable, the motion of the auxiliary mechanism, etc., all have strict requirements for the position, these positions need to be realized by the position sensor in the form of the current type.

3)  Image sensor: real-time display of the working state of the placement machine, mainly using CCD image sensor, it can collect the desired image signal, including PCB position, device size, and computer analysis processing, so that the patch head to complete the adjustment and patch work.

4)  Laser sensor: Laser has been widely used in placement machine, it can help judge the coplanarity of device pins. as the measured device is running to the monitoring position of the laser sensor, the beam emitted by the laser is irradiated to the IC pin and reflected to the laser reader. if the reflected beam back is the same length as the transmitted beam, the device coplanarity is qualified. when different, the reflected light beam becomes longer due to the upswing of the pin. the laser sensor thus recognizes that the device pin is defective.

5) Area sensor: when the placement machine is working, in order to operate safely on the patch head, it is usually provided with a sensor in the motion area of the patch head, and the operation space is monitored by photoelectric principle to prevent the damage caused by foreign objects.

Model number




PCB size

250mm*any length

PCB thickness


PCB clamping

adjustable pressure pneumatic

mounting mode

group to take and group to mount


windows 7


touch screen monitor

input device


NO.of camera

5 sets of imported camera

mounting precision


mounting height


mounting speed


components space


NO.of feedings station


NO.of nozzles



380AC 50HZ

power consumption


operating environment


conveyor transmission

any length

transmission speed


transmission direction


transmission mode

online drive

position mode


Air Force


electrical control

independent research and development by ETON

motion control card module 1set

independent research and development by ETON

X.Y axis drive way

high-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor

feeding way

electric feeder with double motor

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