High Speed High Accuracy LED Light Assembly Line SMT Machine With 64 Heads 64 Feeders+Servo Motor

High Speed High Accuracy LED Light Assembly Line SMT Machine With 64 Heads 64 Feeders+Servo Motor

High speed pick and place machine
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Product Details

1. product details

HT-X9 is dual-arm magnetic levitation LED high speed pick and place machine.the capacity reach 200000CPH.It is Suitable for 0.5M,1M Strip, Tube and Panel Light.it can mount LED 3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor,capacitors,bridge rectifiers,etc.



2. pick and place machine ht-x9 product parts



3. SMT machine packing & shipping


Packing details: vacuum packing and wooden case

Shipping:  Shenzhen port within 30 days after payment

Port:  Shenzhen

4. Company profile


In November 2011, Shenzhen ETON automation equipment co., ltd. was established in shenzhen, China. 

It is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and after-sales technical service of SMT high-speed SMT mounter.We aspire to be the world's most competitive placement machine and cutting-edge electronic testing equipment manufacturing and service provider.

Shenzhen ETON automation equipment co., ltd. was established in 2011, which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the r&d, production, sales and after-sales technical services of SMT high-speed SMT mounter and multifunctional mounter.

As a national brand, ETON automation occupies an absolute leading position in China's LED placement machine industry. At the same time, its products are exported to more than 20 countries, including South Korea, India, Vietnam, Egypt and Turkey.


5.Business terms

Accepted delivery terms


Accepted payment currency


Accepted payment type

L/C, T/T

Nearest port


6.pick and place machine ht-x9 services

Before buying our machine:

We have a professional sales manager to provide you with professional advice and services.

We provide 24-hour online service to solve your problem quickly.

We will specify the production plan for you according to your budget.

After buying our machine:

1 year free warranty.

Visit customers regularly and gather information.

Provide latest information about technology and equipment.

Software updates are free for life.

7.Customer brand & Customer factory


8.Knowledge of mounter industry


IPC is an international standard is an agreement. Full IPC9850.

According to different design concepts, different equipment principles, different calculation methods and so on, resulting in everyone's nominal speed is not comparable. and there is a big gap between the nominal value and the actual value. This may be due to the complexity of the product; circuit board size; component density; equipment design concept and so on will affect the actual speed. A standard circuit board IPC9850. was designed by the International Electronic Organization to address the above issues There are different size components on the circuit board, the components are distributed discretely, and the mounting angle is 90 degrees and 180 degrees apart from each other. That is, the international standard to calculate the SMT placement machine standard mount points, is in the specific conditions of equipment mount points, IPC9850 is not the fastest number of equipment points, is the element along the two-dimensional coordinate axis from small to large gradually become larger. For example, the fastest can paste 20000 points, that condition IPC9850 can only paste 17000 points.

 IPC5-41 subsidiary committee, which consists of users and suppliers of SMT equipment, has developed IPC-9850 standards that standardize performance parameters describing the ability of mount machines, thus simplifying the process of evaluating mount machine capabilities. The standard also provides for consistent, verifiable, performance parameter measurement methods. The end result will be a common language that runs more meaningful communication between users and suppliers on device performance.

Model number




PCB size

250mm*any length

PCB thickness


PCB clamping

adjustable pressure pneumatic

mounting mode

group to take and group to mount


windows 7


touch screen monitor

input device


NO.of camera

5 sets of imported camera

mounting precision


mounting height


mounting speed


components space


NO.of feedings station


NO.of nozzles



380AC 50HZ

power consumption


operating environment


conveyor transmission

any length

transmission speed


transmission direction


transmission mode

online drive

position mode


Air Force


electrical control

independent research and development by ETON

motion control card module 1set

independent research and development by ETON

X.Y axis drive way

high-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor

feeding way

electric feeder with double motor

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