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High speed pick and place machine
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Product Details

1. pick and place machine ht-x9 product details



2. Product services


3.product parts

² Saline shaft from korea

² Mark camera from HK vision

² Grating scale from Renishaw,UK

² Guideway from IKO Japan

² Pneumatic components from SMC Japan

² Sensor from Beckhoff Germany

² Drag chain from IGUS Germany


4.Packing & shipping

Packaging materials

Waterproof material and wooden case

Lead time

Delivery within 30 days after receipt of payment..



Delivery time

Transshipment and partial shipment according to the contract

5.company profile

In November 2011, Shenzhen ETON automation equipment co., ltd. was established in Shenzhen, China. It is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and after-sales technical service of SMT high-speed SMT mounter. 

ETON s purpose: to create value for customers,creating benefits for society.

ETON vision: determined to become the worlds most competitive manufacturer and service provider of pick and place machine and high-end electronic testing equipment.

Quality principle: quality first, client-oriented, continuous improvement!

  Management policy: sincere business,focus on R&D,manufacturing intentions, considerate service,customer trust.


6.Knowledge of mounter industry

Solder paste

solder paste, also called tin paste, gray paste, is a new type of welding material accompanied by SMT. It is a paste mixture formed by mixing solder powder, combustion booster and other surfactants, out margin, etc. Mainly used in SMT industry PCB surface resistance, capacitance, IC and other electronic components welding.

The main function of tin paste is combustion-supporting agent, which can remove the oxide layer and some other surface contamination, so that the welding can proceed smoothly.



Thixotropic agent

Adjust the spread of tin paste and printing performance to prevent the appearance of tail, adhesion and other phenomena.


PCB removal of oxide material from the surface layer of the pad and the welding part of the parts has the effect of reducing the surface tension of tin and lead.

Solvent solvent

In the process of mixing tin paste, it plays a uniform role in regulating the life of tin paste.



Enhance solder paste adhesion; protect and prevent PCB oxidation after welding.

How the solder paste printing machine works: the circuit board is fixed on the positioning table, and then the left and right scraper of the printing machine prints the solder paste to the corresponding pad by tempering, and the uniform PCB of the leakage printing is input to the placement machine through the transmission table for automatic placement.

Reflow welding process

Reflow soldering refers to the use of solder paste (a mixture of solder and flux) to connect one or more electronic components to the contact pad, through the control of heating to melt the solder to achieve permanent bonding, can be used back welding furnace, infrared heating lamp or hot air gun and other different heating methods to weld.

Flow curve of reflux welding process

preheating zone: PCB and material preheating, so that the welded material to achieve thermal equilibrium,

Constant temperature zone: remove the surface oxide, some airflow start to evaporate (start welding) temperature to reach the solder paste melting point (this time the solder paste is in the insoluble state), this is the reflux furnace is the 5673 heating interval heating action

Back soldering zone: from the melting point of solder to the peak and then down to the melting point, the process of solder melting, PAD to form welding with solder, this is aimed at the back soldering furnace is the heating effect of 893 heating intervals.

Cooling zone: from the solder dissolution point down to about 50 degrees, alloy solder joint formation process.

Furnace temperature needs to be smooth, smooth, so that the flow of complete evaporation.

SMT Introduction

SMT patch refers to the abbreviation of a series of technological processes that are processed on a PCB basis. PCB Circuit Board is a printed circuit board.

SMT is the surface assembly technology (surface mount technology)(abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology), is the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry at present. Electronic circuit surface assembly technology (Surface Mount Technology,SMT), known as surface mount or surface mount technology. This is a kind of circuit assembly technology which installs components without pin or short lead on the surface of printed circuit board (Printed Circuit Board,PCB SMC/SMD,) or other substrate by means of reflow welding or immersion welding.

Under normal circumstances, the electronic products we use are made of electronic components, such as pcb and capacitance, resistance and so on, according to the designed circuit diagram, so all kinds of electrical appliances need different smt patch processing technology to process.

SMT basic process elements: solder paste printing -> parts mount -> reflow welding ->AOI optical inspection -> maintenance - sub-plate.

Advantages of SMT patch processing

the assembly density is high, the electronic product is small in size and light in weight, the volume and weight of the patch element is only about 1/10 of the traditional plug-in element. after the general use of SMT, the volume of the electronic product is reduced by 40%~60%, and the weight is reduced by 60%~80%. high reliability and strong vibration resistance. low solder joint defect rate. High frequency is good. reduced electromagnetic and rf interference. easy to realize automation and improve production efficiency. reduced costs up to 30%~50%. save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc.

Model number




PCB size

250mm*any length

PCB thickness


PCB clamping

adjustable pressure pneumatic

mounting mode

group to take and group to mount


windows 7


touch screen monitor

input device


NO.of camera

5 sets of imported camera

mounting precision


mounting height


mounting speed


components space


NO.of feedings station


NO.of nozzles



380AC 50HZ

power consumption


operating environment


conveyor transmission

any length

transmission speed


transmission direction


transmission mode

online drive

position mode


Air Force


electrical control

independent research and development by ETON

motion control card module 1set

independent research and development by ETON

X.Y axis drive way

high-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor

feeding way

electric feeder with double motor

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