Light Pick And Place Machine

This module is apply to smt production line for mounting different kind of componnets, like :IC,LED,Capacitor, Resistor, Shaped components, etc. With 45000 cph capacity.
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ETON  SMT pick and place machine


ETON smt pick and place machine is very multifunction and high speed. Suitable for mounting LED, capacitor, resistors, ic, shaped components, etc. The highest speed can be reach 200000 cph.


SMT equipment operator job responsibilities


1. According to the squad leader's transfer plan, make pre-production preparations in advance, such as materials, solder paste, steel mesh, etc .;

2. According to the squad leader's arrangement, do a good job of PCB printing and post-printing inspection;

3. Strictly implement the solder paste / red glue storage and use control process;

4. Strictly implement steel mesh cleaning specifications;

5. In the production process, it is responsible for loading, refilling, and matching of the machine, filling in the refilling record form and sealing the sample, and notifying IPQC to confirm the loading and refilling;

6. Confirmation of the first piece of production, whether there are missing stickers, reverse, etc., fill in the first piece and send the inspection form to notify IPQC to confirm the first piece again.



The future of SMT pick and place machine


Specifically, the SMT placement machine has undergone three generations of development, from the early low speed (1-1.5 seconds / piece) and low precision (mechanical centering) to high speed (0.08 seconds / piece) and high precision (optical Centering, automatic placement machine with placement accuracy of ± 60um / 4q). 

The first-generation placement machine does not have visual recognition devices, precision servo system, automatic board feeding and automatic nozzle change function, only the stepping multi-axis system with low accuracy; 

The second-generation placement machine has visual recognition function, placement The number of heads has also been expanded from two to more, and the XY axis system with automatic transmission and imported servo technology can also be imported; the third-generation placement machine has a higher level of improvement, such as device identification and placement optimization functions, and the Z axis height is adopted Precise servo technology to meet the thickness detection and replenishment of different devices and IC, high-precision placement, 

The third-generation placement machine is actually a precision industrial robot, composed of computers, optics, precision machinery, ball screws , Linear guide rails, linear motors, harmonic drives, and high-tech electromechanical equipment consisting of vacuum systems and various sensors.

 Automatic pick and place machine

RT-1 Multifunction pick and place machine


RT-1 as the multifunctional machine, it is suitable for LED bulb, display, power driver, DOB, etc.

The capacity can be reach 40000 ch

The number of feeder station is 32 pcs

The number of nozzles is 10 pcs

 led smt machine

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