High Precision Full Automatic Printer ET-F1200

High Precision Full Automatic Printer ET-F1200

High Precision Full automatic printer ET-F1200
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                                                                      Full automatic printer ET-F1200


Machine specifications:

Screen FramesMin Size737X300mm
Max Size1500X750mm
PCB Min Size80X50mm
PCB Max Size1200X350mm
PCB Thickness0.4~6mm
PCB Warpage<1%
Transport Height900±40mm
Transport DirectionLeft-Right;Right-Left;Left-Left;Right-Right
Transport SpeedMax 1500mm/S Programmable
Board Location
Support SystemMagnetic Pin/Up-down table adjusted/supportblock
by hand
Clamping SystemElastic side clamp/Z press

Squeegee Speed6~200mm/sec
Squeegee Pressure0~15Kg
Squeegee Angle60°/55°/45°
Squeegee TypeStainless steel(Standard), plastic
Stencil Separation Speed0.1~20mm/sec Programmable
Cleaning SystemDry,Wet,Vacuum (Programmable)
Table Adjustment rangesX:±10mm;Y:±10mm;θ:±2°
Repeat Position Accuracy±0.015mm
Printing Accuracy±0.03mm
Cycle Time<12s (Exclude Printing & Cleaning)
Product Changeover<5Min
Air Required4.5~6Kg/cm2

Control MethodPC Control
Machine Dimensions2200(L)X1200(W)X1500(H)mm
Machine WeightApprox:1500Kg


Maximum transmission speed 1500mm/S programmable

Support system magnetic pin/upper and lower table adjustment/support block

Clamping system elastic side clamp /Z press

Blade speed 6 ~ 200 mm/s

Scraper stainless steel (standard), plastic

Steel mesh separation speed 0.1~20mm/ s programmable

Dry, wet and vacuum cleaning system (programmable)

Product conversion < 5 minutes

Working principle :

First the printed circuit board is fixed on the printing positioning table, and then the solder paste or red glue is misprinted on the corresponding welding pad through the steel mesh by the left and right scraper of the printing machine, and the misprinted PCB is input to the mounter through the transfer table for automatic mounter.


1, applicable to any material, compatible with a wide range of surfaces.

2, no plate making, printing fast and cheap, can be used in a variety of output software, support a variety of file formats.

3. Equipped with professional color management software, you can change colors anytime and anywhere without paying extra fees.

4. One-step completion, namely printing and taking, to meet the demand of quick sample and finished product.

5, unit price starting printing large quantities can be matched with template printing, save time and effort, full-color image, complete at one time, progressive color completely achieve photo quality effect, accurate positioning, rejection rate is zero.

7, only 30 minutes, you can master, make high-quality products, no need for professional skills.

8, computer operation, no personnel dependence, large space for upgrading.

ShenZhen ETON Automation Equipment Co.,LTD.is a leading manufacturer of automatic SMT machine.In 2011,set up ShenZhen Eton Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.In 2011,HT-12 series began selling.In 2011,HT-E3 was complete research and development (Eton 3 generation machine).

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1. offer detail manual user .

2. customer to our factory study and training .

3. offer overseas service : can send engineers

4. to customer factory for install

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