High Performance Semi-automatic Stencil Printer

High Performance Semi-automatic Stencil Printer

ET-1200 High performance Semi-automatic stencil printer

Product Details

ET-1200 Semi-automatic stencil printer


Technical Parameter:

Standard semi-automatic high-precision stencil printing
Printing area1200×250 mm
Plate Area1250×300 mm
Stencil Frame Size470×370 mm~1300×550 mm (L×W)
Positioning waypositioning pin
Scraper Speed0-100 mm/sec
Power220V single phase, 50/60 HZ
Power Consumption

120 W

PCB plate thickness0.2-2.0 mm
Plate TrimmingFront/back +/- 10mm Right/Left +/- 10mm
Printing Precision

+/- 0.05 mm

Air supply5-7 KGF/cm2
Weight360 kg
Dimension(L)1600 x(W)900 x(H)1650 mm


(1) speed regulating motor drives scraper, combining with precision linear guide rail, to ensure the printing accuracy;

(2) the printing scraper can be fixed upward by rotating 45 degrees, and the printing plate and scraper can be cleaned and replaced;

(3) the scraper holder can be adjusted back and forth to select the appropriate printing position;

(4) composite printing plate, with fixed groove and positioning pin, easy installation and adjustment, suitable for single and double-sided printing;

(5) it is convenient and quick to move the plate calibration mode of steel bar mesh and adjust with printing machine (PCB) XYZ.

(6) unidirectional and bidirectional multi-printing mode can be set.

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ShenZhen ETON Automation Equipment Co.,LTD.is a leading manufacturer of automatic SMT machine.In 2011,set up ShenZhen Eton Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.In 2011,HT-12 series began selling.In 2011,HT-E3 was complete research and development (Eton 3 generation machine).

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