High Performance And High Cost Performance 1.2M Dual-track And Segment Conveyor

High Performance And High Cost Performance 1.2M Dual-track And Segment Conveyor

High performance and high cost performance 1.2M dual-track and segment conveyor
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Product Details

1.2M dual-track and segment conveyor(with detection)


Technical parameter:

Steel frame structureSpecial aluminum profile rail (bilateral rail)
Width adjustment range50~280mm
Transmission height920±30 mm
Transmission7MM green flat belt conveyor
MotorSet of stepper motor
Transmission DirectionSingle(left→right or right→left)
IO interface for inlet and outlet board
Set of electric control box
Double work table, length 400mm, double light stand, double SOP stand, bilateral main frame

6 sets of Sensors (one Sensor installed at the beginning and the middle)


Connectors are used to connect SMT production lines, and can also be used for PCB buffering, inspection, testing or manual insertion of electronic components.


1. Ensure that there is no foreign matter in the transportation part, belt, belt wheel and guide rail, and ensure smooth and smooth transportation.

2. Regularly oil the transmission part and the rack or width adjusting screw rod, and the oil shall be executed in the stopped state.In case of power failure, please immediately turn off the main power switch of the equipment.

Company Introduction:


ETON Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.is a professional manufacturer focusing in SMT machine. Right now, we have integrated R&D, production and sales together.

With good quality, competitive price, easy operation and energy saving, our products are very popular in domestic and oversea market. And all of our machines are wildly used in electronic circuit, photovoltaic, LED industry, instruments and apparatuses.

Basic troubleshooting:

A..Transport belt not moving: check if the belt is jammed or too loose.

B. Belt drop: check whether the belt pulley rotates flexibly and whether the screws are tightened.

C. The transmission motor does not work:

1. Check whether the power is normal and whether the indicator light is on.

2. Whether it is in test test state, if so, please test test switch or touch the left photoelectric switch.


Check whether the conveyor belt is too loose and keep the conveyor belt clean.

Keep the width to adjust the cleaning of the optical axis and the screw rod.

Wipe the dirty oil with no silk or paper, then add lubricating oil to the optical axis and add lubricant to the screw.

Test all Through / test through / check knob functions.

Test whether the transmission of PCB is smooth.

Our service:

1. Quick response within 24 hours;
2. Offer free spare parts and service within one year of warranty .

3. Technology Support :We will send our engineer to your factory to install machine and training freely ; Provide Demo operation video for training show you the operation .
4. Good and professional after-sales service.

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