Flexible Strip Line Led Making Machine

Flexible Strip Line Led Making Machine

Name:Strip light making machine,pick and place machine
Appliance:Led strip light,flexible strip light
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Product Details

Flexible strip line led making machine


T9 led making machine

T9 is one of Eton super high speed led making machine, professional for led strip lighting, apply to 5m, 10m,25m,50m,all kinds of length.

The most big feature of T9 is the high capacity. There are 68 nozzles and 68 heads, which improve the capacity as much as possible.

Besides, T9 as the newest module of Eton module, the mounting capacity up to 200000cph, it is fastest speed in all over the world.


Led making machine parameter

Here are the led making machine parameters:

1.Dimension:Height is1550mm  Width is2300mm  Length is3100mm

2.X,Y,Z axid drive way is magnetic linear motor +servo motor, with high accuracy and precision.

3.Suitable max width 250mm pcb, any length roll to roll flexible strip.

4.Suitable for mounting RGB, led chip resistor, ic,etc.


6.Power consumption:6KW



Machine line

Led flexible strip line consist of loader,conveyor,stencil pinter,reflow oven, pick and place machine,etc.

 strip line

Appliance show

T9 suitable for multicolor flexible strip light, as fellow picture show:

 strip light

If you are interested in this lighting production line, welcome contact us now!



1.I want to make led bulb, what kind of machine should I need to buy? Can T9 make bulb?

A: For Led bulb, we have module E8s ,E8D or RT-1, different module have different capacity.Infact,T9 is not suitable for make bulb.It is professional for led strip light.


2.How much of T9?

A: Thanks for inquiry price, the details pleace contact number:+86 13590151025, same number ad whatsapp and wechat.


3.How about the shipping ttime

A:In normally, around 30 working days.Will different according different module.


4.Do you have clients in India?

A:Yes, In India, we have a lot of clients, such as RK,FSL,etc.Besides,we also have India office and Engineer.Can give you support as soon as we can.

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