Excellent Service Economic Automatic Vision Cutting Led Machine

HT-E8S-1200 Led light making machine,it can mounting LED 、capacitors 、resistors,IC,shaped components、etc. HT-E8S pick and place machine is a single module magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine. Vision for the flight identification,mark correction. Led light making machine ,adapt high end magnetic linear motor and servo motor to drive,and feeding way by electric feeder with double motor. HT-E8S-1200 application for power driver.electric board.lens.linear bulb.household appliance etc.

Product Details

Excellent service economic Automatic Vision cutting led machine

High-speed magnetic linear motor multi-functional pick and place machine, single module, 8 head pasted on the 8 suction nozzles discharge at the same time, the flying camera component identification, maximize placement rate, maximum patch speed 40000 CPH, has exclusive patent technology: electronic feeder feeding system, faster and more accurate, MARK correction, non-stop material re-loading system, save time cost and artificial cost. The maximum size of PCB is 1200*350mm


functional characteristics
1. X axis, Y axis and feeding platform all adopt imported precision screw with high precision to improve equipment operation accuracy and transmission speed;
2. MARK visual correction system, flight recognition visual alignment, taking photos and identifying PCB board positions to ensure patch accuracy.
3. The z-axis of the header is independently controlled by the panasonic servo motor, which can efficiently complete the LED feeding and feeding;
4. Powerful functions: different feeder can be configured to meet the mounting requirements of various LED products.
5, simple operation: Chinese and English graphical interface, easy to operate. Simple programming, can be saved and edited files, arbitrary call;
6. Easy maintenance: simple design and easy maintenance. Low cost of replacement parts, low maintenance cost.



PCB length width

Max:1200*300mm min:100*100mm

PCB thickness


PCB clamping

Adjustable pressure pneumatic

Mounting mode

ØGroup to picking and separate to placing

ØSeparate to picking and separate to placing



Windows 7


R&D independently


Touch screen monitor

Input device

Keyboard , mouse



No.of camera

2sets of imported camera

Vision for the alignment identification,mark correction

Mounting precision

0.02mm(repeat precision)

Mounting height


Mounting speed


Components space


No.of feeders station


No.of nozzles



380AC 50HZ

Power consumption


Conveyor transmission

Max length:1200mm

Transmission speed


Transmission direction

Both direction

Transmission mode

Auto online drive

Air pressure

>5.0kg /cm²

Electrical control

Independent research and development by ETON

Motion control card module 1set

Independent research and development by ETON

X,Y,X axis drive way

Servo motor control for X,Y,Z axis

Feeding way

Electric feeder with double motor

Lamps and lanterns: fluorescent lamp, bulb lamp, ceiling light, panel light, cast light lamp, mining lamp, down light, etc
Lighting: soft light tube, hard tube, advertising module, etc
Pasting class: LED watch pasting


1How many cameras does the machine have?

There are two sets of imported cameras.Using exclusive patent technologyvision for the flight identificationMark correction.

2、What is the direction of transmission of machines?

The transmission direction of this machine is both direction.

3. What kind of driving mode does the XYZ axis adopt?

X axis is magnetic liner motor,Y axis and Z axis is servo motor,very good performance and high accuracy.

4. What is the mounting mode?

Group to picking and separate to placing,Separate to picking and separate to placing.

5.Is your software interface in English?

English interface and Chinese interface are both available.

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