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Automatic glue dispenser machine
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Automatic glue dispenser machine



Price: $ 25,000.00/unit

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Product details


Ø CCD positioning system,visual positioning compensation automatically correct the deviation of PCB.

Ø Large size track,suitable for different size of PCB.

Ø Contact less high speed injection dispensing head,dispensing glue sequentially with high efficiency.

Ø Intelligent dispensing head,ensure good performance,high efficiency and lower glue wasting.

Ø Full time monitoring of glue volume, auto prompting low glue volume.

Ø Dispensing head constant temperature function,ensure the glue in liquid.

Ø Online visual programming, load CAD easily,more convenient.

Ø Automatic program standby,start up production rapidly,intelligent manufacturing.

Ø High performance linear servo motor drive for X,Y axis,ensure high accuracy in high speed.

Ø Large capacity SSD industrial control system, high speed access ensures system response speed.


glue dispenser ht-d12  machine is independently developed and produced by us, which can effectively improve production efficiency and save production cost.

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1) Do you have oversea after sale service?

We have set up an overseas office in India.We can offer technical support abroad. If you have any technical problem, our engineers will support you promptly.

2)How is the training?

You can send your engineers to our workshop to study, or we can send our engineers to your workshop for guidance. We guarantee that the training will not be completed until your operators are fully trained.

3)   Does your machines have quality certificates?

We are high-tech enterprise with CE,SIRA,CCC .

4)How about the warranty?

We guarantee it for one year free of charge. Software updates are free for life.

5)What kind of packing do you have?

We usually use waterproof material for packing and transfer to custom wooden cases.

Knowledge of mounter industry

SMT patch equipment production line

Soldering press

 A solder paste press is located at the front end of a SMT production line and is used to print solder paste or patch glue. It prints the solder paste or patch glue correctly to the pad or corresponding position of the PCB to prepare for the mounting of the components. presses for SMT are broadly divided into three types: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic.

 a patch seat is at the back of the printing press in the SMT production line. The function is to remove the surface mount components from the packaging and install them accurately to the fixed position of the printed circuit board. SMT loading function and production capacity of the production line mainly depend on the function and speed of the loading machine.

Placement machine

A placement machine is the equipment with the highest technical content, the most complex and the most expensive in the SMT production line. Full automatic mount machine is a high speed, high precision, high automation and highly intelligent equipment which integrates precision machinery, electric, pneumatic, optical, computer, sensing technology and so on. SMT the production line, the configuration of the placement machine should be determined according to the type and output of the products produced.

 Backflow welder is located at the back of the placement machine in the SMT production line. its function is to provide a heating environment to melt the solder paste pre-assigned to the pcb pad so that the surface mount components are reliably combined with the PCB pad through the solder paste alloy.

Backflow Welding Machine

 Backflow welding is a kind of electronic product assembly technology suitable for automatic production, which has become the mainstream of SMT circuit board assembly technology.

Testing equipment

function of the testing equipment is to test the assembly quality and welding quality of the pasted PCB. The equipment used is magnifying glass, microscope, automatic optical detector (AOI), on-line tester (ICT), X-RAY detection system, functional tester, etc. According to the need of testing, its installation position is behind the corresponding station in the production line.

 Repairable equipment

 A repairable equipment is used to rework PCB that detect malfunctions. The tools used are soldering iron, rework workstation, etc.

 Cleaning equipment

 Cleaning equipment is used to remove PCB attached to the material that affects electrical properties or harmful welding residues such as flux. If the use of clean-free solder, generally can not be cleaned. The equipment used for cleaning is ultrasonic cleaning machine and special cleaning liquid, its installation position is not fixed, can be online or not online.

Your best choice--- high speed mounter HT-D12 !

ETON---Quality placement machine equipment supplier !

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Telephone:138 0225 2825

Model number




PCB size


PCB clamping

Adjustable pressure pneumatic


windows 7


LED monitor

input device


NO.of camera

1 sets of industrial camera

Heating temperature


CCD resolution


Running accuracy


Dispensing height


operating environment



220AC 50HZ

power consumption


 Max running speed


transmission direction


transmission way

Auto online drive

feeding way

electric feeder with double motor

air supply


electrical control

independent research and development by ETON

motion control card module 1set

independent research and development by ETON

 drive way

Driving by linear servo motor

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