Eton HT-E8-1200 Multifuctional Led Lamp Making Machine

Eton HT-E8-1200 Multifuctional Led Lamp Making Machine

Product Description 1.features: Dual system, dual mode multi-functional high-speed mounter Non-stop refueling capabilities. Electronic feeder feeding system. IPC9850 Capacity: 80000 CPH Apply to the SMT machine, PCB,LED hard light board and LED soft lamp strip etc. Apply to mounting...

Product Details

Product Description


Dual system, dual mode multi-functional high-speed mounter

Non-stop refueling capabilities.

Electronic feeder feeding system.

IPC9850 Capacity: 80000 CPH

Apply to  the SMT machine, PCB,LED hard light board and LED soft lamp strip etc.

Apply to mounting LED,capacitors,resistors,IC,shaped components etc.(intelligent,use widely)

Apply to tube,driver,bulb,strip,lamp,panel,ceiling light,down light,screen,street light etc.

18 nozzles altogether,40 feeders,partA or partB can be mounted separatly. Easy to operate.

Patent Number: ZL 2011 2 0237740.9/ZL 2011 2 0334606.0

                        ZL 2012 2 0178869.1/ZL 2012 2 0415505.0

                        ZL 2012 2 0415044.7/ZL 2012 2 0415356.8

                        ZL 2012 2 0415061.0 

2.Technical Description:smt machine/ smt pick and place machine

1) LED Pick & Place Machine adopts Panasonic Servo Motor, imported railway to ensure its stable and accuracy.

2) X.Y axis adopts Panasonic Servo Drive, cooperated with imported liner railway ensures its accuracy and speed.

3) Four mounting heads work simultaneously, much faster. Nozzle above and down adopts imported railway with high precision and durable lifetime.

4) Easy operational program, much more convenient, automatic vision makes position fixing more accurate and convenient.

5) Multi Feeder optional, can meet different kinds of LED mounting.

6) Powerful software adopts numbers and images to display the program coordinate, easy and more convenient.

7) Software adopts data system, and store different types of PCB for convenient adjustment, just need to programming one time for new products to use forever.

8)  Platform: Y axis, X axis can be moved manually, speed adjustable, can achieve arbitrary point manual arrived, convenient programming.

9) LED Pick & Place Machine use imported vacuum detection system, it can check the suction accurately to prevent material leakage and throwing effectively.

10)  Internal negative pressure system: low noise, long service life and vacuum pressure constant.

11) Standard setting:1 PC,8 mounting heads,16 nozzles.

12) Optinal :8mm,12mm,16,and 24mm automatic feeder, different nozzles, industrial pump, air compressor . 

3.Production Image:Eton smt pick and place machine HT-E8-1200 led pick and place machine

Company Information:
    Shenzhen Eton Automachine Equipment co., LTD. is a professional supplier of pick and place machine, is a high-tech enterprise which specializing in R&D and manufacturing of high-end SMT pick and place machine. Our company independent research and development, design,manufacture a set of the world's fastest,most stable,most complete high-speed LED automatic energy mounter,while also solved the offset,cast material problems of the production of 1.2m,1.5m light panels and the headlights pearl and we received a number of patents issued by the state certificate and support. We have served many electronics factories(LED, PCB production line etc) and enjoyed good reputation. Nowadays, we have serveral 2015 newest items launched and being hot selling, for performance and competetive price.

If you are interested in our high-speed automatic LED pick and place machine, kindly let ue konw, we will help you to solve any problems