Easy Operating Display Pick And Place Machine

Pick and place machine apply to led and electrical industry ETON SMT machine manufacturer in China ,high-tech company with CCC, CE, SIRA

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ETON  SMT pick and place machine


ETON smt pick and place machine is very multifunction and high speed. Suitable for mounting LED, capacitor, resistors, ic, shaped components, etc. The highest speed can be reach 200000 cph.

As a high-tech company with CCC, CE, SIRA, ETON company provide all SMT machine also support free install and training.


RT-1 pick and place machine


RT-1 as our new module, there are some important parameter about it.




Led bulb, dob, driver board, led tube, panel light

No.of camera

2 sets of imported camera, vision aligment, mark correction

CCD Resolution

0.01 mm

Mounting height

≤20 mm

Mounting speed

40000-45000 cph

No.of feeder station

32 pcs

No.of nozzels

10 pcs

Feeding way

Electric feeder with double motor


Touch screen monitor


The future of pick and place machine

 RT-1 Automatic SMT production line

Focus on the full line of SMT production, high performance, high efficiency and integration of SMT placement machine

The placement machine is a device used to realize high-speed, high-precision and automatic placement of components. It is related to the efficiency and accuracy of the SMT production line. It is the most critical equipment with the highest technical and stability requirements for the SMT production line. More than half of the investment in the production line, its development trend can be summarized by "three highs and four highs", that is, high performance, high efficiency, high integration, flexibility, intelligence, greenness and diversification.


However, the air quality is deteriorating day by day, and the environmental protection of SMT welding equipment is gradually paid more and more attention. Shenzhen ETON Equipment Co., Ltd. adopts a new type of welding system, which meets the current trend of energy saving and environmental protection concepts, and combines high-quality sustainable production with the needs of modern manufacturing. In the research and development process, it pays special attention to high energy efficiency, low emissions, and minimum costs. Factor is an energy-saving assistant with high energy efficiency.


With the development of IC packaging toward high integration, high performance, multi-lead and narrow pitch, it promotes the widespread application of SMT technology in high-end electronic products. However, due to the limitations of process capabilities, it faces many technical difficulties. After 1998, BGA devices began to be widely used, especially in the communications manufacturing industry, the proportion of BGA devices has shown rapid growth. At the same time, SMT technology has entered a rapid and good development period driven by high-end products such as communications 


After sales service


We are taking a comprehensive after-sales service strategy.  

We will introduce the products to our customers in detail and tailor the machines for their production. We will provide long-term stable spare parts sales. In addition, during the standard one-year warranty period, we will provide free on-site installation and commissioning, as well as a paid extended warranty period for customers in need.

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