Durable Perfect 2 Module 16 Heads Pick And Place Machine

Durable Perfect 2 Module 16 Heads Pick And Place Machine

Double modul machine. Electric feeder feeding system. Vision alignment, Mark correction Non-stop material re-loading function
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Shenzhen ETON company, which is set up in 2011, the leading manufacturer of high-speed pick and place machine in China, the top brand company with CCC, CE, SIRA.
ETON machine suitable for mounting many kind of products, such as DOB, Led tube, Panel,Display, Bulb, Home appliances, Down-light, Lens, Flexible strip, etc. The fastest speed is 200000 CPH.





APPLICATION: adequate for Tube, flexible strip, some panel,etc.


COMPONENT:  Min.size 0402  Max.height 36mm 

L*W*H 1650*1200*1570mm

PCB L*WMax:500*350mm  Min100*100

Mounting speed:80000 CPH

No. Of feeders station: 60 PCS

No. Of nozzles16 PCS

SERVICE: Free training and installment. Easy to operate, usually 3 to 5 days of training of operating is enough.

WARRANTY: 1 year, during warranty any parts need to be repaired and replaced will be free.


Usually wooden vacuum package.





We also provide SMT peripherals, like reflow oven, solder paste, loader, even PCB cleaning machine,etc. We would be honored if we chould provide u the full production line. Fully automatic and semi-automatic optional.









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