DOB Linear Bulb Solar Panel Down-light Led Light Making Machine

DOB Linear Bulb Solar Panel Down-light Led Light Making Machine

DOB Linear bulb making machine in smt line with stencil printe, reflow oven. It is totally autoamtically.
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DOB linear bulb solar panel down-light led light making machine




1.       Max Pcb size: 400*350 mm

2.       No. of Feeders station :32 pcs

3.       No. of Nozzles: 10 pcs

4.       Power consumption: 4 KW

5.       X/Y/Z Axis Drive way: Servo motor

6.       Feeding way: Electric feeder with double motor

7.       Components: LED, capacitor, resistor, shaped components,etc

8.       Mounting Height: no more than 22 mm





Group picking and separate placing, separate   picking and separate placing.


Magnetic linear motor


Auto-optimization after coordinates   generated.


Vision alignment flight identification,   mark correction


Suitable for many products, like lighting   driver, electrical board, panel light, bulb, strip, display, etc.

 Bulb pick and place

Company information


It has been almost ten years since ETON was established. During these ten years, our machines have been continuously updated, and technical parameters have been breakthrough developments.


The speed, accuracy, frame, and even refueling methods of the machine have been improved. . At present, ETON occupies a large LED market in the domestic market, and we are constantly seeking new growth points in foreign markets. In the near future, our machines will adapt to more fields and serve more electronic suppliers


We have more than 8 kinds of modules, each modules have different speed and suitable for different components. From 35000 cph to 200000cph. We can say that our machine is fastest pick and place machine in the world.

 Bulb factory 500



1.       What kind of feeder you have?

A:We provide 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm feeders.


2.       Do you have agent in Turkey?

A: Yes, please contact us for more details.


3.       How about your service?

A: We provide one year warranty and free install and training.

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