DOB Bulb Smt Mounting Machine

DOB Bulb Smt Mounting Machine

Name:Pick and place machine
Components:led, resistor,IC,shaped components,etc
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DOB Bulb SMT mounting machine


SMT mounting machine

SMT Mounting machine is surface mounting technology, it is new and popular technology nowadays. Many electrical board and lightings making line will using smt machine. But what is the smt machine ? Usually it is mean pick and place machine, reflow oven, stencil printer, conveyor, etc.

ETON as the manufacturer of pick and place machine in China, we provide the best quality machine with you.


Machine appliance

RT-1 pick and place machine apply to electrical board industry, like the smart pcba, it can mounting led, ic, resistor, capacitor, shaped components automatically. Show the factory picture as fellow:

 bulb light Factory

Machine features

About RT-1, there are the features:

1.         Using magnetic linear motor

2.         Electrical feeder feeding   system

3.         Auto-optimization after   coordinates generated.

4.         Suitable for mounting high   components, up to 22 mm.

5.         Suitable for 400*350mm pcb,   also support customized 1200mm length pcb


1.       Can I visit your factory before order?

A: Yes, of course. Welcome to our factory. We have office in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhejiang, India. Our factory is in Jiangsu province.

2.       Will you provide the install ?

A: Yes, we will provide it. And will sent engineer to your factory for make machine stable and training for your operator.

3.       How many should I pay for order?

A: We accept 30% order money.

4.       What machine I need for lighting?

A: Dear clients, different products will have different design, please tell us your lighting details, we will give you best answer and solution.

Latest news

November is coming, the end of chinese new year, factory will be very busy, if you are interested in our machine, please order as soon as possible. Time is no wait people, chance belongs to those who are prepared

Environmental protection knowledge

The LED lamp tube does not contain mercury, so it will not cause pollution. Compared with ordinary fluorescent tubes or incandescent lamps, the lifespan of LED lamps is longer, which effectively reduces the environmental pollution caused by eliminated lamps. Moreover, the energy consumption of LED lamps is at most only one-third of that of traditional fluorescent lamps, not to mention incandescent lamps. It can be seen that LED lamps can be said to be synonymous with energy saving and environmental protection in lamps.

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