DOB Bulb Led Smt Machine

DOB Bulb Led Smt Machine

Name:Pick and place machine
Line :automatic line
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Product Details

DOB bulb smt machine


DOB Lighting

Calling DOB de-powered, it seems that with DOB, no power is needed. In fact, it is impossible for any LED lamp to light up without power supply, so it is absolutely impossible to go to the power supply. Only after putting the power supply on the aluminum substrate, it looks like the external power supply with the shell has been removed, but it is definitely not the power supply! But put the power supply on the aluminum substrate


Machine features

1. RT-1 is our newest module for multifunctional mounting. It is suitable for many products.

2. Using magnetic linear motor, more stable and high accuracy.

3. Mounting mode is group picking and separate placing, separate picking and separate placing.

4. Mounting height is no more than 22 mm.

5. Mounting speed from 30000 to 35000 cph.


Machine show

Here is RT-1 Machine show:

 pick and place machine

DOB production line design

DOB as the new design of led bulb, it is much easier and save power compared with the Old led bulb.

For DOB, usually need to mounting Led, capacitor, IC, Resistor, etc. Here is the DOB line show:

 RT-1 Automatic smt line

Products show

RT-1 suitable for kinds of electrical board and led lightings, here show the finished products with you:


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