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Single-mode magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine
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Product Details

Single mode magnetic linear motor multifunctional pick and place machine 


Price: $43000/unit

Customization: According to customer needs.

1. product details

HT-E8S machine is single module multifunctional mounter with high capacity of 40000CPH. It can mount capacitors,resistors,LED3014/3020/3528/5050,IC and shaped components. It applies to power driver,electric board,lens,linear bulb,household appliance and etc.

This smt mounter machine install two cameras and adopt vision alignment flight identification,mark correction. It is non-stop material re-loading function. Mounter machine ht-e8s has electronic feeder feeding system.

HT-E8S-1200 贴装图片-2

2. product features of multifanctional smt mounter machine ht-e8s


Ø XYZ drive way is high-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor.

Ø Install 2 camera and adopt vision for the flight identification, mark correction.

Ø PCB clamping is electric clamping+adjustable pressure pneumatic.

Ø Vision for the flight identification ,mark correction.

Ø Electronic feeder feeding system.

Ø Non-stop material re-loading function.

Ø Auto-optimization after coordinates generated.

3. packing and shipment of smt mounter machine 


4. smt mounter machine services for clients

24 hours dedicated online service for you

To provide you with the most professional advice

Train the operators for you

Make regular visits

1 year free warranty

Software updates are free for life 

5.Production line example of smt mounter ht-e8s


We will provide you with the best production plan.

6.Company profile


 Business terms

Accepted delivery terms


Accepted payment currency


Accepted payment type

L/C, T/T

Nearest port


our clients

the company has an absolute leading market share in the LED industry, and its products are exported to more than 20 countries including Korea, India, Vietnam, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey.






Telephone:138 0225 2825

SMT patch equipment production line

Soldering press

Placement machine

Backflow Welding Machine

Testing equipment

 Repairable equipment

 Cleaning equipment


Attention to purchase SMT placement machines

 Check SMT precision of the placement machine


 Consider SMT performance stability of the placement machine

 Check SMT durability of the placement machine

 Check SMT speed of the placement machine

 Easy to maintain SMT placement machine

 SMT Placement Machine Operation Flow

 Check before SMT placement machine starts

 SMT the main switch of the placement machine

 MMI initialization of SMT placement machine

 Electric power supply for SMT mounting machine

 Carry out a regression origin action on the SMT placement machine

 Warmer process SMT mounting machine (Warming-Up)


 PCB file download/business confirmation

 SMT mounting machine material and component confirmation

 Set up SMT placement machine transfer track and thimble (Backup Pin)

 X. Check Location and Instruction

 PCB produced SMT placement machines

Choose the MMI Production menu;

 SMT inspection items in the production of placement machines

 Corresponding and changing operation in SMT placement machine production

 SMT power off and equipment cleaning completed


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