China Supplier Smt High Speed Mounter Ht-f7 Electric Feeder With Double Motor

Double-arm dedicated high-speed mounter has obtained CE,CCC and SIRA certificates
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product details of high speed smt mounter machine ht-f7



Price: $75000.00/unit

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Components of this high speed SMT mounter machine ht-f7 can mount include LED3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor,capacitors,bridge rectifiers,etc.

This high speed Pick and place machine ht-f7 is applies to 0.6m,0.9m,1.2m rigid PCB and 0.5m,1m LED flexible strip. Max mounting height is 13mm. Mounting speed is 200000CPH. The speed is higher and the precision is higher . The mounting mode is group to mount and group to mount.

mounting example


Product Features of high speed mounter machine ht-f7

Ø Two mounting modules,17 nozzles for each mounting part.

        Producing with 2~4types of materials with high capacity at same time.

Ø In any proportion of the LED chip and resistors can be a one-time mount.

Ø Single plate material can be mounted separately, and the same plate material is always mounted to the same lamp.


product services of high speed smt mounter machine


packing & delivery of smt high mounter machine ht-f7


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 SMT the working environment requirements of the placement machine

 SMT placement machines are like high-tech products such as computers and mobile phones that we often use now. their internal motherboards are closely aligned with tiny capacitive resistors that are pasted through patch processing techniques. the capacitance resistance of high-tech patch processing is faster than that of manual patch, and it is not easy to make mistakes. As a result smt the placement machine has certain requirements for the working environment, at the same time, in order to ensure the quality of electronic components, there are the following requirements for the working environment:

 SMT placement machine for working environment temperature requirements: the optimum perennial temperature of the plant is 23±3℃, should not exceed the limit temperature of 15 and 35℃.

 SMT the humidity requirement of the placement machine to the working environment: the humidity of the placement processing workshop has a great influence on the product quality. higher the environmental humidity, the more easily the electronic components are dampened, which will affect the electrical conductivity. at the same time, the welding is not smooth and the humidity is too low. when the air is dry in the workshop, static electricity will be produced, so when entering the SMT paste processing workshop, the processors also need to wear anti-static clothing. At normal conditions, the workshop needs to maintain a constant humidity of 45% to 70% RH..

 SMT placement machine to work environment cleanliness requirements: SMT the placement locomotive room to ensure no smell and dust in the workshop, keep indoor clean, no corrosive substances, seriously affect the reliability of capacitor resistance, improve the failure repair rate of SMT equipment, improve the reliability of equipment, reduce production progress. Best cleanliness of workshop is about BGJ73-84.%

 SMT placement machine to the working environment power requirements: require the stability of the power supply, in order to avoid equipment failure in the patch processing process, and affect the quality and progress of the processing, must be added to the power supply regulator to ensure the stability of the power supply.

Role of optical system of placement machine

 the confirmation of the position of the PCB; the identification of the positioning mark; the calculation of the placement machine origin position error; feedback to the motion control system; the confirmation of components: component shape, component center, component pin coplanarity and deformation in the PCB design also add a small range of geometric position recognition, that is, add the component image recognition mark to the position of the fine spacing QFP to ensure that the fine spacing device mount is accurate.


Model number




PCB size


PCB thickness


PCB clamping

adjustable pressure pneumatic

mounting mode

group to take and group to mount


windows 7


touch screen monitor

input device


NO.of camera

5 sets of imported camera

mounting precision


mounting height


mounting speed


components space


NO.of feedings station


NO.of nozzles



380AC 50HZ

power consumption


operating environment


conveyor transmission

MAX length:1200mm

transmission speed


transmission direction


transmission mode

online drive

position mode


air pressure


electrical control

independent research and development by ETON

motion control card module 1set

independent research and development by ETON

X.Y axis drive way

high-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor

feeding way

electric feeder with double motor

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