China Supplier Ht-e8d Double-module Magnetic Linear Motor Multifunctional Pick And Place Machine Ht-e8d

China Supplier Ht-e8d Double-module Magnetic Linear Motor Multifunctional Pick And Place Machine Ht-e8d

HT-E8D machine is Dual system,dual module multifunctional mounter with high capacity of 80000CPH. It can mount capacitors,resistors,LED3014/3020/3528/5050,IC and shaped components. It applies to power driver,electric board,lens,linear bulb,household appliance and etc.
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Product Details


         model :ht-e8d     

 Price:  $ 80000/unit

Customization:  According to customer needs.

product details of pick and place machine ht-e8d


Components: LED2121/2727/3528/5050 and resistor,capacitors,bridge rectifiers,etc.

Application:power driver,electric board,lens,linear bulb,household appliance, etc.

Application example:


technical parameter of pick and place machine ht-e8d


Product Features of pick and place machine ht-e8d


Ø XYZ drive way is high-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor.

Ø Install 4 camera and adopt vision for the flight identification, mark correction.

Ø PCB clamping is electric clamping+adjustable pressure pneumatic.

Ø Vision for the flight identification ,mark correction.

Ø Non-stop material re-loading function.

Ø Auto-optimization after coordinates generated.

Packing and transportation of pick and place machine 

We usually use waterproof material to pack our products in wooden cases. If the customer has special packing requirements, we can negotiate and conclude a contract. Partial shipments and transshipment are subject to the contract.

We usually ship within 30 days of receipt of payment.

Company profile

We are a rapidly growing company. We have just completed an industrial park in jiangxi, China, at a cost of 150 million RMB.

We will vigorously explore the overseas market in the future.

We have also cooperated with engineers from Taiwan, Japan and Germany for a long time to jointly develop and improve the technology.


Knowledge of mounter industry

 SMT Safety Rules and Precautions for Placing Machine

(1)  the machine operator should bear the operation training under the correct method.

(2)  Check the machine, change parts or repair and internal adjustment should turn off the power (overhaul of the machine must be stopped by pressing the emergency button or power off condition.

(3)  Be sure to "read the coordinates" and stop adjusting the machine when YPU( programming parts) in your hand to stop action at any time.

(4)  Make sure that "interlock" safety equipment adhere to effective to stop the machine at any time, the safety detection on the machine can not skip, short connection, otherwise it is easy to present personal or machine safety accidents.

(5)  only one operator is allowed to operate one machine when consuming.

(6)  During operation, make sure that parts of the body, such as hands and number one, are outside the range of machine movement.

(7)  The machine must have proper grounding < true grounding, not zero wiring >.

(8)  Do not use machines in a gas or extremely dirty environment.

(9)  Attention to the use of SMT placement machines:

 a) have not been trained to operate on the machine.

 b) operation equipment should take safety as the first, the machine operator should operate the machine strictly according to the operating standard, otherwise it may form machine damage or endanger personal safety.

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