Automatic Glue Dispenser Machine HT-D12,pick And Place Machine Production Line

Automatic glue dispenser machine

Product Details

1. product details

The dispensing height of the dispensing machine ht-d12 is 15mm and the dispensing speed is 90000CPH. It adopts the pneumatic PCB fixing method with adjustable pressure.

2.dispensing machine ht-d12 features

Ø English inter face option,easy to operate.

Ø CCD positioning system,visual positioning compensation automatically correct the deviation of PCB.

Ø Large size track,suitable for different size of PCB.

Ø Contact less high speed injection dispensing head,dispensing glue sequentially with high efficiency.

Ø Intelligent dispensing head,ensure good performance,high efficiency and lower glue wasting.

Ø Full time monitoring of glue volume, auto prompting low glue volume.

Ø Dispensing head constant temperature function,ensure the glue in liquid.

Ø Control the dispensing value in milliseconds,ensure the conformity of glue volume.

Ø Online visual programming, load CAD easily,more convenient.

Ø Automatic program standby,start up production rapidly,intelligent manufacturing.

Ø Apply to various kinds(round,linear,lattice,etc.) of products.

Ø High performance linear servo motor drive for X,Y axis,ensure high accuracy in high speed.

Ø Universal signal connecting,connect equipment online easily.

Ø Large capacity SSD industrial control system, high speed access ensures system response speed.

3. dispenser machine packing & shipping

Packing details: vacuum packing and wooden case

Shipping:  Shenzhen port within 30 days after payment

Port:  Shenzhen



4. Company profile


In November 2011, Shenzhen ETON automation equipment co., ltd. was established in shenzhen, China. It is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and after-sales technical service of SMT high-speed SMT mounter. 


5.Knowledge of dispenser machine industry


PCB printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, is an important electronic component, is the support of electronic components, is the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components. Almost every kind of electronic device has electronic components such as integrated circuits, so as to make the electrical interconnection between the components, it is suitable for printing. The printed circuit board has the dual function of conducting circuit and insulating floor.

Classification: according to the number of circuit board layers can be divided into single panel, double panel, four-layer board, six-layer board and other multi-layer circuit board.

(1) Single panel: On the most basic PCB, the parts are concentrated on one side and the wires on the other side. because the wire only appears on one side.

(2) Double panel: This circuit board has wiring on both sides, but to use the wire on both sides, it is necessary to have a proper circuit connection between the two sides. A "bridge" between these circuits is called a guide hole (via). A guide hole is a small hole filled or coated with metal on a PCB, which can be connected to a wire on both sides.

(3) Multi-layer board: In order to increase the area that can be wired, the multilayer board uses more single or double-sided wiring boards. A printed circuit board with one double-sided inner layer, two single-sided outer layer or two double-sided printed circuit boards with two single-sided printed circuit boards with one side as inner layer and two single-sided printed circuit boards with one side as outer layer.

Model number




PCB size


PCB clamping

Adjustable pressure pneumatic


windows 7


LED monitor

input device


NO.of camera

1 sets of industrial camera

Heating temperature


CCD resolution


Running accuracy


Dispensing height


operating environment



220AC 50HZ

power consumption


 Max running speed


transmission direction


transmission way

Auto online drive

feeding way

electric feeder with double motor

air supply


electrical control

independent research and development by ETON

motion control card module 1set

independent research and development by ETON

 drive way

Driving by linear servo motor

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