25m Flexible Strip Pick And Place Machine

25m Flexible Strip Pick And Place Machine

T9 is one highspeed pick and place machine , professional for led flexible strip lighting.
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25m Flexible strip pick and place machine


The placement machine is a device used to realize high-speed, high-precision, and automatic placement of components. It is related to the efficiency and accuracy of the SMT production line. It is the most critical equipment with the highest technical and stability requirements for the SMT production line. More than half of the investment in the production line, its development trend can be summarized by "three highs and four modernizations", namely high performance, high efficiency, high integration, flexibility, intelligence, greening and diversification.


Parameter of T9


Dimension : 3100*2300*1550mm

PCB Length Width:250*any length

Mounting mode: Group to take and group to mount.

Software: R&D independently

No.of Camera: 5 sets

Components: LED 3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor, capacitors, bridge rectifiers.

No.of nozzles:68 pcs

No.of Feeders: 68 pcs


LED Flexible strip machine


HT-T9 is highspeed pick and place machine for unlimited length flexible strip, it can producing with 2-4 types of materials with high capacity, available for 5m, 50m or any length of flexible strip and roll to roll.


For 25meters flexible strip


For 25 meters flexible strip, there need to prepare 25 meters conveyor , pick and place machine, stencil printer, reflow oven. There are the pictures of 25 meters smt line


Packing and delivery:

Our machine are packing in wooden case with vacuum package, it is once again fixed with rope and stand.

The delivery is mainly by shipping, but, it is determined by customer.We will meet every need of customer.



We provide one year warranty and free install and training.





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