High Speed 20000 CPH capacity LED light SMT Chip Mounter

Magnetic levitation high speed mounter for unlimited length flexible strip(no wire),capacity reach 200000CPH
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Highspeed mounter for unlimited length flexible strip in SMT production line

IPC9850 capacity: 200000CPH

Patent number:  ZL201120237740.9/ZL201120334606.0/ZL201220178869.1/ZL201220415505.0/ZL 201220415044.7/ZL 201220415356.8/ZL 201220415061.0



1. High precision.  Solved the problem of throwing materials of previous machines. 5 sets of imported camera with its features of vision alignment and Mark correction to ensure.


2. High capacity. 200000CPH, to solve your troubles of low production efficiency. With its Dual-arm. Four module, 17 nozzles for each mounting part, part  A/B/C/D can be mounted separatly or synchronously.


3. High technology.  Automatic operation, save a lot of manpower and material resources. Exclusive Patent Technology: group to pick and group to mount. High-end magnetic linear motor +servo motor to drive X,Y Axis.


4. Wide range of use.  Suitable for 5M,50M, or any length of LED flexible strip and roll to roll. No matter what length of light strip you want to produce, it is enough to buy this machine.


5. Technical Support.  It doesn't matter if you don't know the technology, we have a professional team and professional engineers that can provide on-site services.



2.Do you still want to know more about this big blue ROBORT?

Attached its technical parameter:


Birth place






PCB length width

250*any length.


PCB thickness


Mounting mode

Group to pick and group to mount

No of camera

5 sets of imported camera

Vision alignment, Mark correction

Mounting precision


Mounting height


Mounting speed

200000 CPH


LED 3014,3020,3528,5050 and resistor, capacitor, bridge rectifiers

Component space


No. of feeder station


No. of nozzles


X,Y,Z Axis drive way

High-end magnetic linear motor +servo motor

Feeding way

Electric feeder with double motor


What can this big blue robort do ?

It is suitable for LED 3014,3020,3528,5050 and resistor, capacitor, bridge rectifiers

Take a look at these photos.



1. Is there any discount?

Of course, we will give our friends the best price with the best quality.


2. How long can be shipped after the order ?

After the order is placed, we will immediately prepare the goods, generally can be shipped within 1 month, except for customized products 


3. Do you provide after-sales technical services?

Yes, we do.  We can send professional engineers to the working site for equipment installation, adjustment, and operation training.


4. Are you a trading company or a factory?

We have the factory and we are committed to the R & D, production, sales and after-sales technical services of SMT high-speed patch.


5. What is the payment method?

 L/C or TT.


6.  Do you have your own R&D team?

Yes, we can customize products as your requirements.


7.   What is the power supply?


Add: If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, there is our contact information at the end, we will serve you 24 hours.


4.What is the position and role of this machine in the production line ?


From the picture, we can see that , the pick and place machine is in the middle of the line.

The important position it occupied is also the most critical part. Without it, the entire production line has no meaning.

So, it is vital to choose a good pick and place machine.

5.Sincere Service:

Pre-sale service:

1. Provide machine related videos to let you know our machine directly.

2. We have a professional team of consultants who can answer any of your questions at any time.

3. If you have needs, you can visit the factory to learn about the machine. We will have professional technicians and international specialists to accompany you to ensure barrier-free English communication.

On-sale service:

As soon as your order is received, we will process it immediately and stock it up. After receiving the deposit, we will ship immediately.

After-sales service:

1. Provide manual / video for machine installation, adjustment, setting and maintenance.

2. If any problems occur and you cannot find a solution, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately, we will be at your service online at any time.

3. If you agree to pay the fee, our engineers and technicians can be dispatched to your country to provide services.

4. The machine is guaranteed for 12 months. During the warranty period, if there are any parts that are not artificially damaged. We will replace your new one for free. After the machine issues our bill of lading, the warranty begins.

5. We have an independent after-sales service team. In case of emergency, please call the salesperson or our after-sales manager. On-site maintenance or instructions can also be provided.

6.Why to choose us?

We have the most professional team, the best R & D personnel, and the firmest belief in making quality pick and place machines. So we have the fastest machine, the highest production capacity, and the best quality. Since our birth, we have been working hard, and have also achieved some achievements, which have been recognized and loved by the public. But we still continue to forget our original intentions and forge ahead.

We are sure that here, at ETON, you can find what you love. Whether you need it or not, I look forward to being friends.


We are very happy to have everyone's trust:

We have got the certification of SIRA and CE, and also other prizes like 9 invention patents, 112 practical patents, 12 software copyrights, etc. Specifically, the 4th China LED Pioneer Award, 2015 LED Technology Innovation Award , National High-Tech Enterprise, etc.

 We promise that we will work hard to do better!


Welcome to contact us:

Shenzhen ETON Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

International Hotline: 0755-27311922

International Department Commissioner: Ms. He: 13670197725

Address: Yitong Automation, Building 44, Area 5, Cuigang Industrial Park, Huaide, Fuyong, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Website: www.eton-mounter.com/www.etonsmt.com/ www.etonsz.net

E-mail: 2456980456@qq.com


Model number




PCB size

250mm*any length

PCB thickness


PCB clamping

adjustable pressure pneumatic

mounting mode

group to take and group to mount


windows 7


touch screen monitor

input device


NO.of camera

5 sets of imported camera

mounting precision


mounting height


mounting speed


components space


NO.of feedings station


NO.of nozzles



380AC 50HZ

power consumption


operating environment


conveyor transmission

any length

transmission speed


transmission direction


transmission mode

online drive

position mode


Air Force


electrical control

independent research and development by ETON

motion control card module 1set

independent research and development by ETON

X.Y axis drive way

high-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor

feeding way

electric feeder with double motor

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