2 Modules 32 Nozzles High Speed Mounter Made In China

high speed mounter for flexible strip (unlimited length) software R&D independently ; 9.High speed two-arm mounter The same plate material is always affixed to the same lamp bar .
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Product Details

Magnetic levitation high speed mounter for unlimited length flexible strip(no wire),capacity reach 200000CPH


Price: $ 95,000 /unit

Customization: According to customer needs.

Lead time:

Quantity (units)



Est. Time (days)


To be negotiated

1. Product details

Components: LED3014/3020/3528/5050 and resistor,capacitors,bridge rectifiers,etc.

Application:5m,50m or any length of flexible strip and roll to roll;RGB


2.pick and place machine ht-t9 product features

Ø Producing with 24 types of materials with high capacity at same time.

Ø Single plate material can be mounted, and the same plate material is always mounted on the same lamp.

Ø Dual-arm four modules with 16 nozzles for each mounting part, and part A/B/C/D can be mounted separately or synchronously.

Ø Calibration automatically.

Ø Exclusive patent technology:group to pick and group to mount.

Ø IPC9850 capacity: 100000150000CPH


3.high speed mounter ht-t9 packing & shipping

Packing details:  vacuum packing and wooden case

Shipping:  Shenzhen port within 30 days after payment

Port:  Shenzhen

Lead time:

Quantity (units)

Est. Time (days)




To be negotiated


4.Quality control

Scientific and reasonable product development and production process


5.Our services:

Before buying our machine:

We have a professional sales manager to provide you with professional advice and services.

We provide 24-hour online service to solve your problem quickly.

We will specify the production plan for you according to your budget.

After buying our machine:

1 year free warranty.

Visit customers regularly and gather information.

Provide latest information about technology and equipment.

Software updates are free for life.


6.Company profile



7.high speed mounter ht-t9 certifications

HT-F9 证书

Our company has obtained CE,CCC and SIRA certificates.The company has independently developed a number of intellectual property technologies, including 9 invention patents, 112 practical patents and 12 software Copyrights.Successively obtained "Shenzhen high-tech enterprise", "national high-tech enterprise", “Shenzhen TOP brand, 2015 LED technology innovation award,industry special contribution award,the 4th China LED first innovation award,industry special contribution award, double soft enterpriseand so on.


8. Knowledge of mounter industry

1. How to Improve the Efficiency of Patch Production

 Improve the efficiency by optimizing the processing of the SMT mounting machine

 SMT the production line consists of many equipments, including tin paste printing machine, SMT placement machine, reflow welding and so on, but in fact the speed of production line is determined by SMT placement machine. The production line of a SMT placement machine usually includes a high speed machine and a high precision placement machine, the former is mainly fitted with flake elements, while the latter is mainly fitted with IC and profiled elements. If the time of completion of one mount process (hereinafter referred to as mount time) is equal and minimum, the whole SMT production line exerts maximum production capacity. In order to achieve this goal, we can process the mount procedure according to the following method.

1)  Load distribution balance. Allocate the number of mounting components of each SMT placement machine reasonably, and make the loading time of each equipment equal as far as possible. For the first time, when we allocate the number of mounting components for each SMT placement machine, there is often a large gap in the loading time, which requires adjusting the production load of all equipment on the production line according to the loading time of each equipment, and moving some components on the SMT placement machine with longer loading time to another placement machine to achieve load distribution balance.

2)  Equipment optimization. each SMT placement machine has a maximum patch speed value. many SMT placement machine manufacturers claim that the placement machine speed is often not reached in actual production, but in fact this speed value is to be achieved under certain conditions. By optimizing the NC program of each equipment, the SMT placement machine can meet these conditions as much as possible in the production process, so as to realize the highest speed mount and reduce the equipment mount time. The principle of optimization depends on the structure of the equipment.

 Enhancing production line efficiency by eliminating SMT production line bottlenecks

 SMT the production line is composed of multiple automation equipment, when the speed of one equipment is slower than that of other equipment, then this equipment will become the bottleneck restricting the speed improvement of the whole SMT production line. General bottleneck often appears on the SMT placement machine, to eliminate the bottleneck phenomenon only by adding SMT placement machine to achieve. Certainly this will require a larger investment, but it will make the most of the excess capacity of other equipment, much more cost-effective than investing in another SMT line. Add what type of SMT placement machine depends on the bottleneck of the production line, generally it is best to buy a high-speed, multi-function placement machine, because it has the characteristics of high-speed machine and high-precision machine, the range of mounting components covers high-precision machine and high-speed machine, it can solve the bottleneck problem caused by high-speed machine or high-precision machine. And the current development trend of placement machine is also developing in this direction to meet the needs of the market.

 the addition of a SMT placement machine to the production line can solve the bottleneck problem and speed up the rhythm. this method provides more production capacity and more feeder (feeder) positions to better balance the production line without significantly increasing the production line management complexity, which is much larger than the production capacity improved by adding a single placement machine. in this respect, guangshengde's high precision and high speed multifunctional placement machine can meet this demand.

 Improve production line efficiency by implementing strict and effective management measures for SMT production line

 SMT equipment is the precision equipment of mechatronics, and it is an important method to improve the efficiency of SMT production line to implement strict and effective management measures in the work. For example, the additional components to be installed in advance on the spare feeder; the production line assembly of the last few pieces of the previous batch number at the same time, to do a good job in the production line next batch number product preparation and so on.

 SMT production line is a large production line, the output value is calculated in seconds. In addition to equipment and environmental factors, human factors play an important role in improving production efficiency. Pay special attention to the training of employees, in addition to regular professional skills training, professional SMT books and periodicals for teaching materials to organize staff learning, cultivate love for SMT, improve everyone's comprehensive business level.

 SMT equipment to carry out regular inspection and maintenance is also a strong guarantee to ensure the full play of its effectiveness. Many companies often ignore this point in the production process because of the heavy production tasks. Once the equipment can not be properly produced due to failure, the loss caused by its shutdown is far greater than the cost of regular equipment shutdown inspection and maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the regular scientific inspection and maintenance of the equipment so that the equipment is in good condition.

All in all, the method of improving the efficiency of SMT placement machine production line is still the same as the quality management method in general, considering from human, machine, material, method, ring. But improving the efficiency of the SMT placement machine production line focuses on the machine and human factors.



Email :Brynn@eton-mounter.com


Telephone:138 0225 2825

Model number




PCB size

250mm*any length

PCB thickness


PCB clamping

adjustable pressure pneumatic

mounting mode

group to take and group to mount


windows 7


touch screen monitor

input device


NO.of camera

5 sets of imported camera

mounting precision


mounting height


mounting speed


components space


NO.of feedings station


NO.of nozzles



380AC 50HZ

power consumption


operating environment


conveyor transmission

any length

transmission speed


transmission direction


transmission mode

online drive

position mode


Air Force


electrical control

independent research and development by ETON

motion control card module 1set

independent research and development by ETON

X.Y axis drive way

high-end magnetic linear motor+servo motor

feeding way

electric feeder with double motor

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