10 Heads Middle Speed Lens Pick And Place Machine Mounter

10 Heads Middle Speed Lens Pick And Place Machine Mounter

SMT Led pick and place machine 10 heads high speed placing RT-1 chip mounter
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Product Details

10 Heads Middle Speed lens pick and place machine Mounter RT-1


Technical parameter



Total Weight


PCB Length Width

Max:400*350mm Min:50*50mm

Mounting Precision

±0.02mm ,Vision alignment,

Mark vision

Mounting speed

45000 CPH


LED,resistor,capacitors,shaped components,etc.

power/power consumption

380AC,50Hz/ 6kw

No.of Feeders Station

32 PCS

No.of nozzles

10 PCS

Mounting Height


Main process of SMT Line for DOB manufacturing

Step one: Print Solder paste on PCB

Step two: Mounting LED chip and capacitor big components on PCB.

Step three: Heating solder paste with PCB to welding together the component with PCB.


Different type of DOB PCBA

The PCBA of Linear bulbs

RT-1 SMT line not only suitable for DOB and bulb, but also suitable for many other products.

High-precision printing, the first pass in SMT production

High-precision printing, the first pass in SMT production

SMT printing is the first process of the surface mount production line. The quality of the SMT printing has a very significant impact on the pass rate of SMT products. An important factor that affects the printing quality of solder paste is the accuracy of the motion control of various parts of the printing press. At present, the production of SMT products is developing toward high output rates and "zero defects". High-speed operation, which puts high requirements on the speed, stability and reliability of its motion control system. The innovative technologies of the majority of printing and assembly manufacturers are constantly challenging the limits of quality and production efficiency.

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