Why Do You Need To Maintain The Placement Machine?

- Apr 17, 2018-

Due to the influence of the environment, on the other hand, it is also considered that the dust is not cleaned in time, a large amount of dust or grease, etc. inside the machine will have a very serious impact on the placement machine itself. The relationship between these advantages and disadvantages is affected. The service life of the machine. If the maintenance and handling are not properly targeted, then the normal homework of the SMT machine will be easily affected. Severe persons will also cause excessive strain or severe accidents on certain parts inside the machine. To avoid this situation from happening again, it must be combined with the scientific maintenance method to repair it is the most appropriate.


1. Cleaning and disassembling the dust and scale on the surface of the SMT and SMT circuit boards. The purpose of maintenance is to prevent the internal heat dissipation of the machine due to dust and dirt.


Secondly, disassemble and clean the internal air circuit, solenoid valve, vacuum generating device and cylinder of the SMT machine; the purpose of maintenance is to prevent the grease in the gas path from being blocked if it cannot be cleaned and maintained in a timely manner. Insufficient, resulting in high material throwing; In severe cases, the oil accumulated in the gas path will corrode the internal seals and components of solenoid valves, vacuum generating devices, cylinders, etc., resulting in damage to components and severely affecting the normal use of the machine. ;


Third, the placement machine parts, clean and lubricate. The machine runs for a long time. Due to improper environmental control, there will be a lot of dust stuck to the moving parts (such as: screw, guide rail, slider, transmission belt, motor coupling, etc.). The purpose of maintenance is to avoid that the placement machine can't be timely and professionally maintained and cleaned on the active part of the machine. The machine will run under overload conditions for a long time, which will inevitably affect the service life of the machine.


Fourth, how to install the machine has passed the warranty period, a long time running, can not perform a comprehensive professional maintenance of the machine, some parts of the machine has been hidden (such as: the wear of the machine line, the cable frame wear, motor, screw fixed Loose screws, some mechanical parts are not well actuated, parameter settings are wrong, etc.), so that maintenance and repair are done to prevent hidden problems from being resolved in time, which will inevitably threaten the normal production of the machine. Therefore, the machine must be maintained in a timely manner. The inspection and discovery of hidden problems inside the machine are resolved, which reduces the frequency of machine failures and increases production efficiency.


5. After the SMT machine has been running for a long time, there are phenomena such as wear, deformation, aging, and minor deviations in the running-in of the various parts of the machine. The most primitive parameters of the machine have been unable to adapt to the status quo of the machine, and the mounting accuracy of the machine has been affected. The impact, so, the purpose of maintenance is to regularly calibrate the machine, so that the machine in the highest state of precision production, improve product quality.


Sixth, the large maintenance of the placement machine can effectively reduce the rate of throwing materials, reduce the number of alarms, improve the production efficiency of the machine and improve the production quality.