What Is SMT Solder Paste Machine

- Aug 11, 2020-

The solder paste mixer can effectively stir the tin powder and the solder paste evenly. Achieving a more perfect printing and reflow effect, while eliminating manpower, also standardizes this operation, of course, without the need to open the can also reduce the chance of absorbing water vapor.


The solder paste mixer has the characteristics of convenient operation, fast stirring, good stirring ability, and the solder paste does not need to be opened during the stirring process, so the solder paste will not be oxidized or water vapor. On the basis of replacing manual mixing, the work efficiency and work quality are greatly improved. Stirring principle: Stirring mode is the mixing method of motor revolution and rotation, no need to refrigerate tin

Internal schematic diagram of solder paste mixer

Schematic diagram of solder paste mixer (2 photos)

  When the paste is taken out of the water, the solder paste can be returned to the temperature in a short time, and the mixture is evenly distributed and immediately available, so that the SMT printing process is simplified and standardized. The old and new solder paste can be mixed and stirred. The biggest advantage of the closed stirring is the fixed running time and the softness of the solder paste. (Q property) stability and mixing of old and new solder paste, can also obtain a more active new solder paste.