What Equipment Is Required For A LED Production Line?

- Apr 17, 2018-

At present, in the LED production line, the LED patch machine is generally used to install LED products. The patch type LED can solve the problems of brightness, angle of view, flatness, reliability, consistency and so on. Then, what equipments do you need for a LED production line? Actually, there are not many devices that need to be used. There are three ways in brief.

One, solder paste printer

The modern solder paste printing machine in LED production line is usually made up of plate, tin paste, imprint and circuit board. Its working principle is: first, the printed circuit board is fixed on the printing position table, then the tin ointment or red glue is leaking through the steel net by the left and right scraper of the printer to the corresponding pad, and the even PCB is inputted through the transmission table to the patch machine for automatic patch.

Two, LED patch machine

From the general sense of LED production line, LED mounter is one of SMT mounter. With the development of LED technology, the traditional SMT placement machine can no longer meet the needs of LED production line. At that time, the LED placement machine came into being. LED placement machine is specially designed for the LED production line customized SMT mounting equipment, to achieve a large number of LED circuit board assembly. The precision of the equipment is not high, but it requires fast speed. The LED patch machine uses the guide rail or linear motor principle to control the driving head; at the same time, it should be equipped with a professional anti viscose mouth suction head, so that in the process of sticking, it is possible to eliminate the defects such as sticking material and dumping material as much as possible.

Three. Reflow welder

In the LED line, reflow welding, in Surface Mount Technology (SMT), refers to a ingot or rod shaped solder alloy, which is fused and formed into tin powder (a small spherical tin ball) and then mixed with organic auxiliary (flux) to become a solder paste; it is also printed, tread, patch, and remelt and solidify into metal welding. The process of point. The welding procedure of the LED production line is a special process. The operators who are engaged in the special process are trained to qualify. The operators operate strictly according to the operating documents, and make good self inspection and mutual inspection.

In addition, the most word-of-mouth LED production line also has SMT maintenance equipment, it can be added in each process can join the detection link, in order to achieve the purpose of controlling the quality. Through the above production process, a good quality LED line has been initially formed. The staff must strictly abide by all kinds of machine operation rules and post training, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the whole LED production line.