The Structure Of Mounting Machine

- Feb 24, 2020-

The structure of mounting machine


Pick and place machine is controlled by computer, it is the high accuracy automatic equipment collection light, electrical and mechanical. It can quickly and accurately places the SMC/SMD on the specified pad location on the PCB by picking, shifting, aligning, placing, and more. The placement machine is actually a sophisticated industrial robot. It fully utilizes the high-tech achievements of modern precision machinery, electromechanical, optoelectronics, and computer control technology to realize high-speed, high-precision, and intelligent electronic assembly manufacturing equipment. According to the assembly technical requirements and the manufacturer's design concept, people put out different placement machines with different functions, different uses and different grades. But no matter which placement machine is composed of the following three parts: system: 

Mechanical support system, PCB transfer mechanism, component transfer mechanism, X/Y axis servo mechanism, patch head


2. Control System:

Electrical control system and software control system


3. visual system:

Visual alignment system and MARK point vision system