The Solder Paste Mixer Operating Procedures

- Jul 15, 2020-

1.0 After commissioning, open the top cover of the machine and check that there are no foreign objects inside the machine.

1.1 Turn th angle of the solder paste fixture of the machine and place the solder paste jar to be stirred into the machine. Inside the fixture.

1.2 Please turn the solder p e

aste can by hand to confirm that there will be no collision, and the top cover of the machine Close and turn on the power switch.

1.3  Adjust the time setting time on the panel to the better mixing time, depending on the solder paste label difference.

1.4 After the start switch is pressed, the running indicator lights. The machine starts to automatically stir at high speed. The machine stops automatically until it is completed.

1.5 After the operation is completed, the operation stops, and the display shows the actual mixing time. Determine the machineAfter the operation stops, open the upper cover and remove the solder paste can on the clamp.

 The evenly mixed solder paste can be used.

1.6 To stop the machine running during operation, press the power switch key to stop and cancel the operation.

1.7 Open the top cover of the machine during operation, the machine will automatically stop running, and the upper cover will be covered. To continue the mixing operation, press the start switch aga1.8 After the production quantity is completed, turn off the power switch;