The Importance Of Pick And Place Machine In Smt Line

- Dec 11, 2019-

The importance of Pick and place machine in smt line


The SMT placement machine is an important equipment for the electronic assembly line. It is responsible for placing the SMD components on the PCB electronic board. The performance of the SMT placement machine determines the efficiency and productivity of an SMT production line. Of course, the quality of other equipment on the SMT line also affects the efficiency of the entire line, such as solder paste printers, reflow ovens and other SMT equipment.


The fully automatic pick and place machine plays a important role in the electronic component placement of various circuit boards. It not only guarantees the placement quality of various components, but also has a fast mounting speed. The high-end visual recognition technology is applied to the tablet. Not only can the positioning accuracy be automatically calibrated, but it does not need to be segmented into the board. Therefore, it can be recognized and sought after by users in all fields.