The Importance Of LED Display Screen Chip

- Jul 29, 2019-

The LED chip is the core of the LED device, and its reliability determines the lifetime and luminescence performance of the LED device and even the LED display. The cost of LED chips is also the largest in terms of the total cost of LED devices. As the cost decreases, LED chip size is getting smaller and smaller, and it also brings a series of reliability problems.


As the size shrinks, the pad of the P electrode and the N electrode also shrinks. The reduction of the electrode pad directly affects the quality of the wire, and it is easy to cause the gold ball to detach or even the electrode itself to detach during the packaging process and the use process, and eventually fails. At the same time, the distance between the two pads will also be reduced, which will cause the current density at the electrode to increase excessively, and the current will locally accumulate at the electrode, and the unevenly distributed current seriously affects the performance of the chip, causing the local temperature of the chip to appear. High brightness, uneven brightness, easy leakage, off-electrode, and even low luminous efficiency ultimately lead to reduced reliability of LED displays.