The Features Of Reflow Oven

- Aug 25, 2020-

The advanced way of heating solves the problem of the dead angle that may arise when reflow soldering.

lProfessional wind wheel design with stable blowing speed which effectively avoids evenness of the wind when PCB is being heated. so as to achieve a most efficient reheating.

lRegions of different temperature adopt the circulation independent from each other, with independent PID control and up/down heating method method, so as to ensure the accurate and even temperature of the furnace and large thermal capacity.

lFrequency speed and synchronous grid and chain to ensure great stability.

lUPS function is equipped to ensure normal output of PCB after power break and avoid damage.

lThe software has powerful function. It can measure the temperature of the PCB online and can analyze ,save and print the data and curve from time to time.

lPC and PLC adopts PC/PP protocol to communication with each other which ensures stable working and avoids system down .Auto detecting and showing working status of the device.