The Featurers Of Full Automatic Printer Machine

- Sep 25, 2019-

One: The design of the solder paste printing machine is more intelligent and simple, and the previous complicated operation procedures are eliminated, and one button operation is possible. The speed can also be adjusted freely. You can think fast and fast, and slow down slowly. At the same time, the angle of the scraper can be adjusted at will, so that the all-round experience makes you more convenient to operate!


Two: There is a good screensaver design. This avoids the use of screen damage that has been used for too long. This function can also adjust the usage time by itself, which improves the use time of the touch screen to the greatest extent;


Three: Through the internal system adjustment, the form of unidirectional printing and two-way printing can be adjusted. At the same time, it can also adjust a number of printing forms, thus avoiding the single printing form, thus catering to the needs of a variety of printing modes, and can cope with each printing demand. The solder paste printing machine fully reflects the business from this point. Ability;


Four: The most difficult thing in printing is to adjust the correct position. The solder paste printer passes the design of its blade holder. It can be adjusted before and after, so that it can be adjusted according to the needs in printing, and it can be better selected to the position of printing itself;


Five: A good output system is used to allow access to the work area for adjustment and a complete system. Through such a system to adjust each link of the work, it is more convenient to ensure the normal progress of each work, so that each progress can be placed in the same place;


Six: The solder paste printing machine has intelligent characteristics, can automatically count, and can record the quantity of production by itself, so that the production efficiency can be calculated, and the task of assigning work according to the record can also be performed;


Seven: The use of relatively high-tech technology, the introduction of Taiwan's technology. The inside of the scraper is driven by the guide rail and the motor to ensure the accuracy is ensured during the printing process. To know that the accuracy is not guaranteed, the success rate of the printing can be imagined;