The Factors Of Mounting Speed

- Dec 26, 2019-

The factors of mounting speed


Today's SMT production workshops generally use a placement robot instead of a normal placement machine to mount electronic components. The speed of the placement robot affects the production speed, and the production speed is the most concerned issue for our customers. So today Let's analyze the main factors that affect the speed of the patch robot.


(1) The number of each component on the PCB and the arrangement position on the feeder table. This is two factors that affect each other. For those components that are placed in a larger number, it is obvious that they should be placed together to minimize the movement on the feeder table.


(2) The movement of the patch robot feeder. Since the loading table can still maintain its maximum speed when the feeder is switched from one position to the adjacent position, when the position of the feeder is switched more than one, the speed of the loading table will be reduced by 30%~50. %, when optimizing the program, it should minimize the round-trip movement of the loading platform between two feed slots that are far apart.