The Demand For Equipment From Lighting Manufacturers Has Soared, And The LED Placement Machine King Has Taken The Lead In The Market.

- Nov 12, 2018-

Due to its green environmental protection and long service life, the LED lighting industry is strongly supported by national policies. With the advancement of technology and the decline of cost, its good cost performance has also been widely welcomed by consumers. The market penetration rate and application range have been continuously expanded, and the market scale has expanded rapidly.

According to the data of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), the global LED lighting market output value reached 536 billion yuan in 2017. Among them, the output value of LED lighting in mainland China was 296.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 21%. Considering that the global LED lighting penetration rate still doubles, GGII expects that the output value of China's LED lighting will reach 341.5 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 15%.

Since 2018, due to the overall environmental impact of rising raw material prices, the continuous escalation of Sino-US trade wars and exchange rate fluctuations, the output value of China's LED lighting market is still growing steadily, but it has declined compared to the growth rate in 2017.

In order to cooperate with the automatic production line established by the lighting manufacturer, ETONAutomation has developed and produced the world's fastest automatic production equipment such as LED automatic high-speed placement machine, multi-function placement machine and module placement machine, which has become a veritable “SMD”. Machine king." According to Yu Yaoguo, “Easy Automation can not only independently develop new LED chip devices, but also customize and develop according to customer's specific requirements. Even with a 5-meter lamp, we can achieve a production value of 120,000 CPH.”