The Components On LED Display

- Jun 16, 2020-

The components on LED Display

Nowadays, LED display screens can be seen everywhere, and the application fields are also very extensive. We often see the colorful and dynamic commercial advertising publicity screens on the street, that is, the effect of display screen applications, which brings fast and convenient information to our lives The era of change has also added beautiful colors to the urban environment.


As a new media, LED screens use the luminous graphics of sports, display a large amount of information, the content can be updated at any time, and have very good advertising and notification effects, so it is easier to attract attention. So what components are the LED display made up of?


The led display mainly has the following components: LED unit board, wiring, power supply, control card.

The first component: LED unit board

It is one of the core components of LED display. The quality of the unit board directly affects the display effect of the display. The unit board is composed of LED module, driver chip and PCB circuit board. The LED module is actually made up of many LED light-emitting dots encapsulated by resin or plastic dot matrix


Second component: connection

It can be divided into data lines, transmission lines and power lines. The data cable is used to connect the control card and the LED unit board. The transmission line is used to connect the control card and the computer. The power cord is used to connect the power supply and the control card and the LED unit board. The copper core diameter of the power cord connected to the unit board is not less than 1mm..


The third component: power supply

The power supply generally uses a switching power supply, 220V input, 5V DC output. It should be pointed out that since the LED display screen is a precision electronic device, a switching power supply should be used instead of a transformer.

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Fourth element: control card

We recommend using a low-cost strip screen control card, which can control a 1/16 scan 256x16 dot two-color screen, and can assemble the most cost-effective LED screen. The control card is an asynchronous card, that is to say, the card can save information when power is off, and can display the information stored in it without connecting to a PC.


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