Technical Features Of The Smt Whole Machine ​

- Aug 14, 2020-

                  Technical features of the smt whole machine


1, Two observation Windows, beautiful appearance, easy to operate and maintain.

2. Force limiter is adopted in the transportation system to ensure the stability and safety during transportation.

3. Short circuit and overcurrent protection system can protect the key electrical components of the equipment.

4, the body streamlined appearance design, the use of plastic spraying process does not lose paint, elegant, durable.

5, equipped with cooling module, temperature compensation module, suitable for lead-free welding and a variety of process requirements

6. Transmission mechanism adopts precise modular design, accurate transmission, long life and easy maintenance.

7, the use of brand computer +PLC control system, to ensure that the system has the reliability and stability.

8. Self-diagnosis of fault of connection platform system, automatic display of fault cause, and inquiry of troubleshooting method at any time.