SMT Printing Machine Features

- Jul 30, 2020-

                        SMT printing machine features


Solder paste and patch adhesive are touch variant, with viscosity.When the scraper of SMT printing machine moves forward at a certain speed and Angle, it will generate a certain pressure on the solder paste and push the solder paste to roll in front of the scraper to generate the pressure needed to inject the solder paste into mesh or leak hole.

The adhesive friction of solder paste causes shear at the interface between scraper and screen plate of SMT printing machine. The shear force reduces the viscosity of solder paste, which is conducive to the smooth injection of solder paste into the hole or hole of the template.The speed of the scraper, the pressure of the scraper, the Angle between the scraper and the template, as well as the viscosity of the solder paste are all restricted to some extent. Therefore, only by correctly controlling these parameters can the printing quality of the solder paste be guaranteed.