SMT Placement Process

- Jan 16, 2019-

The details in the SMT placement process determine the quality of PCB production. Simply put: customer orders - customer information - procurement of raw materials - incoming inspection - on-line production - packaging after-sales.

 Preparation before SMT SMT processing process

1. Circuit board data (Gerber) The standard circuit diagram electronic file should include at least 4 layers: PAD file, through hole file, text face file, solder mask file; preferably PCB board The board provided by the factory Gerber; standard board side specifications: 10mm board edge left and right; standard positioning hole specifications: one positioning hole on the left and right sides of the same board, the center of each side is 5mm diameter, 4mm round hole from both sides; standard visual mark point Specifications: 1mm solid tinned dot on the opposite side diagonal and 3mm diameter transparent ring on the outer ring.

2, material list (BOM) electronic file with position coordinates (CAD, text file with the extension ". TXT"); SMT front and back materials and DIP materials mixed list (please provide part coding principle and front and back parts resolution Method); SMT front and back materials are separated from DIP materials (please provide front and back part resolution); SMT front / SMT reverse / DIP materials separate list.

3. Auxiliary data Measuring furnace temperature board (including scrapping board of important parts); empty PCB board, Novo's electronics are generally used as Class A, PCB board; printed steel plate.