SMT Placement Machine How To Prevent Static Electricity

- Apr 17, 2018-

In the SMT production line, we will encounter the problem of static electricity, from the friction of the clothes between gestures to the flow of dry air, which is the end of the static electricity produced by the blue ping. If the conditions are right, the end point will be a few volts and the peak will be extremely high. KV, so anti-static must be done in our work, today, Hua Zhibiao Xiao Bian gave you talk about SMT placement machine anti-static measures.


There are three kinds of anti-static human body: electrostatic clothing, anti-static shoes (conductive shoes), electrostatic wristbands, anti-static shoes, and electrostatic wristbands are all used to guide the human body away from static electricity and avoid accumulation on the human body.


Ordinary clothes will generate a large electrostatic voltage (>1000V) when they move around. Antistatic clothing does not happen while walking. This is the main role of anti-static clothing, long strips of anti-static clothing can not shield the static electricity generated inside the clothing (after the wear is still> 1000V), mesh antistatic clothing can be shielded (<200V), the static electricity generated by the conductive Floors and grounding wires in various places are introduced into the general grounding line outside the building.

First, the purpose of preventing static electricity

1. Strengthen the awareness of workers on anti-static work

2, reduce the production of poor due to static electricity

3, prevent static electricity damage the product


Second, the scope of application

SMT all production lines


Third, the reason

The generation of static electricity is not perceived by humans, but the generated static electricity has a voltage of tens of thousands of volts. When the generated static electricity encounters a tip (electrostatic discharge point such as a human finger), it will instantaneously release all the energy, resulting in contact with the object Electric shocks cause capacitors, ICs, circuits, etc. to be burned down and destroyed, causing the products to be seriously damaged. Therefore, electrostatic discharge measures must be taken.


IV. Operational regulations

The prevention and treatment of human static electricity

1. Workers should wear static uniforms and work shoes;

2. Equip electrostatic gloves when operating personnel;

3, the operator must bring electrostatic ring when working;


Control of static electricity

1. Use electrostatic materials to make production fixtures;

2, the storage of the fixture should be anti-static;


Workstation/mobile vehicle static control

1. Antistatic film should be pasted on the worktable;

2. Worktable/mobile vehicle should have anti-static grounding chain;


The prevention of static electricity on the equipment: to have a good grounding wire

Prevention of material static electricity

1. When the material is taken, workers should use anti-static operation method: electrostatic gloves, electrostatic ring

2. Anti-static measures shall be taken at the material storage place: The material cabinet shall be affixed with an electrostatic film and a grounding chain

3, anti-static measures should be taken to temporarily store the material: install the grounding chain


Prevention and Control of Static Electricity Related to Production-related Articles: Anti-static measures should be taken when using products related to production: Connect static electricity wire, paste anti-static film


V. Precautions:

1. Online operators must strictly abide by this regulation

2. Online operation personnel are supervised by the team leader, and engineering personnel are supervised by engineers.