SMT Development Trend

- Jul 21, 2020-

1. Manufacturing transformation and upgrading-SMT industry opportunities and challenges:


On the one hand, the technological revolution: the technological innovation of market terminal products has led to major changes in the depth and breadth of SMT equipment demand --- higher requirements are placed on the complexity, accuracy, processes and specifications of the manufacturing process; in addition, production factors such as labor As costs increase, OEM / EMS faces dual demands for cost and efficiency. Improving the level of automation to reduce costs is a practical requirement for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing technology, which brings a strong driving force for SMT equipment to new demands.


2. Future development trend of SMT equipment technology:


New technology revolutions and cost pressures have spawned an automated, intelligent, and flexible manufacturing, assembly, logistics, assembly, packaging, and test integration system MES. SMT equipment improves the automation level of the electronics industry through technological progress to achieve fewer operations, reduce labor costs, increase personal output, and maintain competitiveness. This is the main theme of SMT manufacturing. High performance, ease of use, flexibility and environmental protection are the inevitable trends of SMT equipment:


1) . High precision and flexibility: The industry is intensifying competition, the market cycle of new products is becoming shorter and shorter, and the requirements for environmental protection are more stringent; conforming to the trend of lower cost and more miniaturization, higher requirements are placed on electronic manufacturing equipment. Electronic equipment is developing in the direction of high precision, high speed, ease of use, more environmental protection and more flexibility. The placement head function head realizes any automatic switching; the placement head realizes dispensing, printing, and detection feedback. The stability of placement accuracy will be higher, and the compatibility of parts and substrate windows with greater flexibility will be stronger.


2) . High speed and miniaturization: bring about high efficiency, low power, less space and low cost. The demand for high-speed multi-functional placement machines with high efficiency and multi-functional placement is gradually increasing, and the production mode of multi-track and multi-table placement production rate can reach about 100,000CPH.


3. The trend of integration of semiconductor packaging and SMT: The volume of electronic products is becoming smaller, the functions are becoming more diversified, and the components are becoming more sophisticated. The integration of semiconductor packaging and surface mount technology has become a general trend. Semiconductor manufacturers have begun to apply high-speed surface mount technology, and the surface mount production line also integrates some applications of semiconductors, and the boundaries of traditional technology areas are increasingly blurred. The integrated development of technology has also brought many products that have been recognized by the market. POP technology has been widely used in high-end smart products. Most brand mounter companies provide flip chip equipment (direct application of wafer feeders), which provides a good solution for the integration of surface mount and semiconductor assembly.


Second, the development trend of SMT equipment technology:


1. Efficiency meets individual and space maximization, and minimum energy consumption:

2. The accuracy meets the high density and miniaturization of the device: