Several Points For Attention In Daily Use Of Energy Saving Reflow Soldering Machine.

- Apr 17, 2018-

In the daily use of energy saving reflow welder, it is necessary to check the working voltage of the equipment before starting the machine. If the time is abundant, it is necessary to check the consistency of various parameters. Scientific use can prolong its life, especially for welding machine consumables, such as conveyor belt, such as conveyor belt, regular lubrication drive rolling chain, and regular dust removal; daily use should strictly comply with its use standard, avoid illegal use.

First, ensure the use of environmental safety (we must ensure that the environment is clean).

Many factories have visited many high quality reflow welder, and many factories have not strictly implemented the use standard of reflow welder. According to the manufacturers of energy saving reflow welder, this high-tech product must work in a clean environment, which is the most important factor to ensure the life of the welding machine. Generally, it is not allowed to use or store machines in open air or in extremely high temperature, which will greatly damage its life.

Second the machine must be smooth in the work

Before the start-up of the energy saving reflow soldering machine, it is necessary to see if the working ground is smooth. The machine can't be switched on when the ground is tilted. If it is in a non horizontal state, it may lead to large displacement or other dangerous situations during the transmission of PCB board.

Third avoid scald during operation

Senior electrical experts remind: in the use of this professional energy saving reflow welder, it is necessary to ensure that the transmission network chain does not fall off the upper and lower rollers, especially in the operation of the attention to high temperature points, to avoid direct contact with the body parts and prevent scald. Besides, when installing the energy saving reflow soldering in earlier stage, we must choose the proper location and do not install it near the electric or magnetic interference source.

Above is a few points for attention in the daily use of energy saving reflow soldering machine. In addition, Xiaobian friendship reminds you that when checking machine and equipment, it is necessary to turn off the power supply to avoid electric shock and danger caused by leakage or short circuit. Try not to move the machine frequently or to use it in a high vibration environment, which may also make its internal parts move off and weaken the life to a certain extent.