LED Mounting Machine

- Nov 13, 2018-

Different from traditional placement machine

Led placement machine mainly needs to meet the requirements of 3528 and 5050 lamp bead placement accuracy. Compared with the traditional SMT placement machine processing precision, Led placement machine requirements are relatively low. However, the Led placement machine is more important for color difference control, speed, and size requirements. This requires the Led placement machine to have three conditions:

First, the best efficiency can only be a light board on a Feida (a volume of LED tray) to take LED placement (to ensure that a single LED panel without color difference);

Second, the Led placement machine must be fast, with a minimum placement speed of more than 18,000 points per hour;

Third, the Led placement machine must be able to mount a PCB of 1200mm length, because a large part of Led replaces the traditional light pipe illumination, so the length will greatly exceed the traditional PCB size.