LED Mounter Common Problems And Solutions

- Apr 17, 2018-

LED Mounter Common Problems and Solutions

1, SMT head vacuum alarm debugging and settings:

1 When the machine is in production, the head used will show -45.0 on the table when it is ingested. Check whether each suction nozzle has suction originals;

2 Press the middle S key on the table, and the word P-1 will appear on the table (Note: The function of P-1 in the table is to detect the machine's lack of material);

3 After the P-1 word is displayed on the table, the above value will appear. Press the △ or ▽ two keys to adjust the value. The adjustment value is smaller than -45.0, between -43 to -44, that is, all the nozzle tips. In the absence of a component value, press S to return.

2. When the SMT machine enters the board, there is a board in the track:

1 Check whether the two sensors on the left are sensed by foreign objects.

2 Check whether the sensor is normal (normally only green light, green, red light when sensing to the PCB).

3, Mounter machine production lamp beads are very messy:

1 Check whether the support platform ejector pin adjusts the unevenness. The ejector lamp plate must ensure that the PCB is horizontal;

2 Check if the nozzle is active and there is no jamming.

3 Check the parameter setting whether the discharge height is too high or too low. Generally, set the height to the contact pressure of the component to 0.3~0.4mm.