LED Bulb SMT Production Process

- Jul 26, 2019-

1. Purpose:
Attach high power LED to aluminum substrate

2. Production process:
1. Test the positive and negative poles of LED lamp beads (350MA 3.0~3.2V) with constant current source, and sample and test the quality of LED lamp beads.

2, with SMD placement machine (outer processing, no placement machine with manual stickers, pay attention to anti-static) LED stickers on the aluminum substrate, into the reflow soldering machine (heating plate) welding, the temperature in the highest temperature zone should not exceed 260 °C, time does not exceed 5 seconds.

3. Reflow (heating plate) After the completion of the completed lamp strip, the power-on test is performed to observe the LED's light-emitting state. The LED should have the same brightness and color, and the LED has no flicker, and there is no abnormal phenomenon such as virtual soldering. Otherwise, the fault is marked for repair.

3. Note:
LEDs of the same binning must be used to avoid inconsistencies in light intensity and wavelength.
The placement equipment, countertops, operators and product storage must be carried out under good anti-static conditions throughout the process.