Improve The Production Efficiency Of SMT Mounter

- Dec 12, 2019-

                Improve the production efficiency of SMT mounter


To improve the production efficiency of SMT SMT mounter, the most direct and effective way is to optimize the core part of SMT SMT mounter - motion control system.For this reason, the industry specially developed a set of visual dispensing and mounting system, which integrates vision, dispensing and mounting, directly solving the core problem of the SMT mounter, that is, using PC+ motion control card + visual system + software to assist the SMT mounter to optimize and upgrade.How it works: with the aid of the visual system, the manipulator equipped with suction nozzle picks up the disordered chips on the feeding table one by one, places them on the tool precisely and arranges them.High precision manipulator with visual positioning system, to achieve high precision subsidy.