HT-E5D Dual Module Pick And Place Machine:

- Dec 12, 2019-

HT-E5D is a practical full-automatic LED mounter and 500*300mm LED dual-module mounter specially developed by ETON automation equipment for LED production, which can to produce two different products at same time, high performance, functional and practical features, the mounting speed can reach 80,000 CPH, the mounting range is wide, can be mounted all kinds of LED boards, all kinds of LED components, the most suitable for LED enterprises, LED processing plants used LED bead placement machine.

Functional features of HT-E5D dual module pick and place machine

1. Adopt the most advanced contactless flight vision alignment system and Mark correction, which can to produce two different products at the same time, save time and effectively improve production efficiency.

2. Without stopping the refueling system, during the automatic production, if one of the feeders is short of materials, the equipment will automatically take the materials from other spare feeders.

3. X, Y and Z axis adopts high-end maglev motor and servo motor, which has stable structure and is not easy to wear.