How To Prolong The Service Life Of The LED Machine

- Apr 17, 2018-

LED patch machine is a device that uses the principle of guide and linear motor to control the driving head. It can not only realize the high precision positioning and smooth running effect of the equipment, but also improve the efficiency of production. But in the process of use, the user should pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance to prolong its life. How should we extend the service life of LED placement machine?

1. To reinforce and replace parts in time

Before using the LED patch machine, we must examine all the parts of the machine's conveyor belt and feed valve and so on. If the parts are loose and aging, it should be strengthened and replaced in time to ensure the better use effect and the durable service life of the LED patch.

2. Clean the dust and replace the lubricating oil in time

After using the LED patch machine, it is necessary to clean the dust and residue on the equipment in time so as not to affect the use of the next machine. In addition, it is necessary to check the lubrication oil in the equipment without hardening and residue adherence. If this phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to clean the hardened lubricating oil. Then apply fresh oil to ensure that the equipment can run normally.

3, we must keep the equipment dry and do the best antistatic measures.

Try to place the LED patch in a cool and dry place, because long exposure and moist air may destroy the skin of the patch machine, so placing it in the right place is also the key point to prolong the service life of the patch machine. At the same time, the corresponding anti static measures should be done when using the LED patch machine. In order to protect the insulation resistance of machine components, it will not be damaged.

In a word, if the enterprise wants to prolong the service life of the LED patch machine, we need to do the above points, not only to reinforce and replace the aging parts in time, but also to keep the equipment dry and do the corresponding anti static measures, so as to make the use and life of the LED patch machine more powerful. Guarantee.