How To Prepare For The Pre-production Of SMT Manufacturing?

- Jul 02, 2019-

When electronic components enter a new generation of components with new electronic components, it will basically replace traditional components. SMT chip processing electronic components are originally only for the miniaturization of parts and the new process requirements of customers. The improvement of the Lord.


The placement machine is the key placement equipment before the SMT device, and it is necessary to know the preparation work before installation.

1. Preparation of coherent product process documents.

2. According to the placement list of the product process documents (PCB, components), and check.

3. For the PCB that has been opened before, carry out washing and baking according to the detailed environment such as the opening time and whether it is damp or purified.

4. Check the components after opening, and process the wetted components according to the SMT process components.

5. Select the correct feeder according to the specifications of the components, and accurately install the component tape feeder. When loading, the middle of the component must be aimed at the middle of the feeder's pickup.

6. Inspection and maintenance of equipment conditions:

1) Check that the air pressure of the air compressor should reach the equipment demand, as usual from 6kgjf/cm2 to 7kgf/cm2.

2) Check and ensure that there are no obstacles in the moving range of the guide rail and the mounting head, and around the nozzle library.

After using the placement machine, it is necessary to protect the placement machine. The above is that we must check according to the cycle.


Regularly check the injection nozzle of the placement machine component to reflect the buffering measures. If the buffering measures are not greasy, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of smoothing agent. If the clamp is slack, tighten the moving lens and clean the lens. Dust and residue. Check the lead screw on the X(w) axis for debris or residue, if you want to stop, and treat them. In addition to this, it is to pay attention to the X (Y) axis guide rail to reflect the smooth grease has no softening and residue adhesion. Look at the Y-axis screw and the lead screw for debris or residue. If there is a similar situation like this, immediately clean it up. If you want to use the placement machine for a long time, you need to regularly check the maintenance and use of the placement machine.